Exclusive: How Emirati Figure Skater Zahra Lari Is Changing The Narrative Of The Sporting World

BY Tally Sargent / May 15 2019 / 13:49 PM

"Being able to go to the Winter Olympics with a group of women, to raise the UAE flag for the first time, that would be my dream." Breaking boundaries both on and off the ice, BAZAAR caught up with with the two-time Emirati National champion and star of Nike's new campaign. Check out the exclusive video here...

As one of three female athletes from the region profiled by Nike ahead of their summer campaign, Zahra Lari shared with BAZAAR exactly what it is that drives her passion and what gives her the determination for success.

From mornings that often begin before the sun rises, to her aspiration to make it to the Winter Olympics alongside fellow Emirati women, Lari expresses that sport is responsible for giving her the confidence she has today.

"Growing up, I was always extremely shy. In general, sports, I feel like that's what it does. It really builds you up and it really gives a person the confidence." Said Zahra.

Zahra Lari stars in Nike's latest summer campaign

As the the first figure skater to compete in a hijab, Zahra Lari has paved the way for an emerging generation of boundary-breakers, saying, "When I started it was just me, now we have around 100 Emirati ladies doing the sport."

Hoping to inspire the next generation of young women and girls to participate in sport, Zahra says, "I cannot imagine my life without sport, I wouldnt be Zahra Lari basically". Adding, "To all of the girls out there, I really encourage you to just not give up".