Watch | Sheikh Hamdan Shares Epic Footage Of The Solar Eclipse

BY Rohma Theunissen / Dec 27 2019 / 17:39 PM

The talented photography enthusiast captured the first solar eclipse that the UAE has experienced since 1847

Watch | Sheikh Hamdan Shares Epic Footage Of The Solar Eclipse

This week's solar eclipse had to be one of the absolute highlights of the decade and what a spectacle it was. The first solar eclipse the UAE has seen since 1847, the phenomenon was one that people around the country eagerly awaited to experience. Given the danger that solar eclipses can pose on homan vision, many of us were not able to look directly at the sun to see the incredible Ring of Fire that was fully visible from the UAE as the moon passed directly infront of the sun.

For us, we knew that our favourite royal and photographer extraordinaire, Sheikh Hamdan was bound to have found a way to capture UAE’s historic astronomical event and we were not disappointed. The Dubai royal took to his curated Instagram page to share exquisite images and a video of the epic event. The pictures capture the moon of the event, showcasing both the partial and total eclipse of the sun, whilst the video captures the full event. Photographed over the desert sand, Sheikh Hamdan has once again demonstrated his passion for photography and his love for his beloved nation and heritage.

Watch Sheikh Hamdan’s full solar eclipse video below: