8 Things We Learned When We Met Dr Paul Nassif From Botched

BY Tally Sargent / May 1 2019 / 20:19 PM

Covering everything from how selfies have changed the industry and Kardashian-like enhancements to being an embarrassing dad, renowned Lebanese-American facial plastic surgeon and star of the hit American television show Botched, Dr Paul Nassif, stopped off in Dubai to answer all of our questions

8 Things We Learned When We Met Dr Paul Nassif From Botched

In a “Botched Over Breakfast” morning, Jaffer Khan, the founder of The Nova Clinic introduced BAZAAR to the surgeon to the stars, Dr Paul Nassif, who has just linked up with the clinic as a new addition to their specialist plastic surgeon team.

Dr Nassif, who is also currently in the process of filming for the upcoming sixth season of Botched across 166 countries around the world, sat down with BAZAAR to talk all things plastic surgery. 

Why did you decide to get into facial plastic surgery?

PN: I was doing my residency and a little six-year-old boy came in after being attacked by a couple of Pitbulls. I spent a lot of time helping reconstruct that little boy, which gave me so much pleasure and joy because it was his face. It’s a lot different to the body, you can cover that up. You can’t with the face.

Has the era of 'the selfie' affected your practice?

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PN: Everyone’s taking photos of themselves, they filter it and they want us to match that. Whether it’s their lips or their eyebrows, maybe their nose. Patients come in and they’ll pull 50 selfies from their phone and say “I want this, this, this and this” and sometimes its ok but majority aren’t. You might lift your eyebrows up too high, or overfill your lips and injure your lips. So we have to be very careful. I would rather someone come in with a picture of smaller alterations, with a realistic expectation of something natural.

What are the current trends in plastic surgery?

PN: In the United States for the past three or four years, the trend has been to get a bigger buttocks, The Kim Kardashian buttocks is very popular. However, that’s dangerous as it can lead to fatality if done badly.

Jaffer Khan: In this region, Non-surgical surgery has always taken off quite extensively. Dubai is really up there with international trends. Though what is new doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good, so don’t be the one the trend is tried on. The problem is, you can’t change your body as fast as you can change trends.

What is your most popular procedure with your Middle Eastern clients?

PN: Rhinoplasty surgeries.

What is your favourite procedure?

PN: The nose. It’s what I’m known for internationally and I do some of the hardest noses in the world. There’s nothing like a good facelift though!

Are there any unusual procedures you’ve come across?

PN: I’ve heard of people getting Botox in their feet so that they can wear high heels for a long time. I personally don’t do that procedure though.

Do your kids get embarrassed that you’re on TV?

PN: My kids do get embarrassed sometimes. Once I was with them and the TMZ van saw me on the street, the people that were on board were calling out “Dr Nassif!” and I actually got on the bus and said hi to everybody and they filmed it! My kids were really embarrassed.

What advice would you give to people that may be considering facial plastic or reconstructive surgery for the first time?

PN: There has to be good reason - If you’re doing it because you never liked the hump on your nose, or you never liked your chin, I say ok, let’s talk about that. But, if you’re doing it because it’s going to get you the next job, or your significant other says you need to do it – those aren’t good reasons. We just have to be really careful.”

For information on booking a consultation with Dr Paul Nassif at The Nova Clinic visit TheNovaClinic.com

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