will.i.am On His Childhood: "We Were Going To End Up Dead"

BY Rohma Theunissen / Nov 14 2019 / 15:07 PM

The Grammy award-winning artist's childhood was a far cry from the glamour that surrounds him today

will.i.am On His Childhood: "We Were Going To End Up Dead"

Grammy-award winning artist and entrepreneur will.i.am holds a multitude of international accolades to his name today. But in an his exclusive interview for Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's November issue, the cover star revealed that he truly had to go against all odds to get to where he is today. 

Speaking to BAZAAR Editor-in-Chief Salma Awwad, will.i.am elaborated on what it was like to grow up in a destitute neighbourhood and the people in his life that helped him to defy the probabilities to turn his dreams into reality. 

“I was in a very bad neighbourhood riddled with crime, with no opportunity, no education and no investment in the community and youth," said will.i.am. "Statistically," he continues, "We were either going to end up at juvenile hall then jail, or dead, or a teenage parent with no way to take care of our kids. My dream is what gave me hope. The friends that I’d made had the same dream. They were my team to turn that dream into a reality. Had I not met my best friend, apl (Allan Pineda Lindo aka apl.de.ap), I don’t know what my life would be like.”

Motivational? Totally, we held back tears as we read his words. A true role model if we ever saw one - hats off to you will.i.am!