Taking On New Challenges And New Beginnings In 2019 With Carla DiBello

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Jan 13 2019 / 20:30 PM

The entrepreneur, style insider, and BAZAAR contributing editor talks kicking new year’s resolutions to the curb while still implementing change

Taking On New Challenges And New Beginnings In 2019 With Carla DiBello
Aasiya Jagadeesh

Tradition dictates that with the beginning of the New Year, we make new goals and resolutions for the year ahead. In other words, we all get a fresh start. And while I do always take time to prepare for the year, as well as to reflect and to set new intentions, I don’t really see the beginning of a calendar year as our only chance for a new beginning.

Quite often, we begin a new year filled with fresh ambition and a reinvigorated focus. We charge forward into the resolutions that we set for ourselves with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm, only to find that, a few months in, we begin to lag on our goals.

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Or perhaps we even completely give up on them altogether. All that motivation that a fresh start gives us at the beginning of the year quickly wanes, and, when we see that we may in fact not reach our goals, we resign ourselves, vowing to start again the following year. But the thing is, we don’t need to wait around for the next 12 months or so to pass, because the truth of the matter is, new beginnings can happen at any given time. And in fact, just like our potential, they are all around us.

Every single morning is a brand new beginning. Every hour, every minute, and even every second. I remember when I began to see things this way, and how ground-breaking it was for me. It was as though the clouds had parted and I could see clearly for the first time. I began to notice the countless opportunities to do better that lay before me at any given moment. And knowing that I could begin again whenever I needed to helped me to stay accountable. Because I knew that if I failed to make a goal, all I had to do was to pick myself back up and start afresh.

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Some of the best and most monumental new beginnings in my life have occurred when I felt the most lost or helpless, or felt like I had failed in some way. While it never seems like it in the moment, it’s incredible how when you feel so close to rock bottom, you are often at a pivotal moment in your life. Over the years, after slowly becoming aware of this pattern, I’ve come to see failure in a different light. Because failure only comes when you are trying. To me, failure just means an opportunity to learn and to make a change. I would even go so far as to say that with every failure comes a new opportunity.


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While I do believe in the power of the universe, and even fate to some extent, I do not believe that change is always a cosmic thing, or that it is completely external. And as cliché as it might sound, change is right there inside of you. It is a part of you and in our nature. Literally in fact, as even on a cellular level, we are changing every single second. Change doesn’t wait for a specific date, or moment in time. It is right there waiting for you to tap into it anytime that you choose to take action.

So instead of a New Year’s resolutions, what if for 2019, you made a daily resolution? How would that change the way that you see all of the possibilities within the everyday? How would that affect your long-term goals? Or your life in general? As the saying goes, “Even a 100-mile journey starts with a single step.” So what will your first step be?

We may be starting a New Year, but every single day is the start of your new life.