Dior’s Timeless Bar Jacket Undergoes a Modern Day Makeover

BY Lauren Sanchez / Sep 3 2020 / 09:00 AM

Here's how the French fashion house has revamped one of its most iconic pieces for the 21st-century fashionista

Dior’s Timeless Bar Jacket Undergoes a Modern Day Makeover

In 1947 Christian Dior bestowed upon the world a collection like no other. Dubbed,“The New Look,” by then Harper’s Bazaar editor in chief Carmel Snow, the sharp silhouettes and billowing skirts challenged the conservative fashion trends of the era.

Introduced right after World World II, Dior’s six-piece couture collection wasn’t without some controversy. The immense amount of fabrics used to give each of the accoutrements their flouncy appeal went against the strict fabric rations enforced during the war. Such fervor was caused by Mr. Dior that some who indulged in purchasing the extravagant duds were openly attacked in the streets of Paris.


The corseted restrictions of the collection created teeny waists, padded shoulders and hips with tight sleeves, counteracting the voluminous skirts said to be made with 25 yards of fabric. Feminists weren’t fans and neither was Coco Chanel who once was quoted saying to Dior, “I adore you, but you dress women like armchairs.”


Almost a century later since the house was founded, Dior’s couture revolution has continued to reverberate throughout history. The brand has once again dusted off its legacy, giving us a new version sure to bring back some nostalgia.

The Bar Jacket has been resurrected in knitted form as part of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s AW 20-21 collection. It took a total of four prototypes to authentically replicate the famous silhouette -- making it perfect for the modern day woman who longs for the everyday glamour and elegance of decades past.

Dior’s new knit Bar Jacket is now available available in stores as part of the AW20-21 collection. For more information visit dior.com

Images supplied. Lead image courtesy of instagram/valevalentinavi

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