Watch | How To Say Goodbye To Breakouts For Good

BY Brian Timmer / Oct 26 2019 / 13:13 PM

'Acne' is the topic of the fifth installment in Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali' series. Dr. Shawana Vali, founder of LMS Wellness, shares expert advice on how to attain clean, radiant skin...

'Acne' is our fifth installment in Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's ongoing info-beauty series, 'Beauty Talks With Dr Vali'. In this latest chapter, produced exclusively for our YouTube Channel, Dr Vali dishes out expert advice on preventing, treating and maintaining healthy, clear radiant skin, whether you are acne prone or not.

Clogged hair follicles are the root cause of unslightly skin eruptions. Often caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and sebum which become a breeding ground for bacteria, acne is one of the most common skin afflications in the world, affecting upto 80 to 90 percent of teenagers around the world. Adults are unfortunately not exempt, and acne continues to be a regular beauty woe that pretty much all of us deal with at some point or another. 

Whether its an occasional spot, or a constant source of frustration, our latest episode from the Dr. Vali series is here to offer support. Watch our video above to discover all the tips and an easy little skincare regimen Dr. Vali suggests to retrain our skin to shine and glow the way we all crave.

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