Watch | Tips And Tricks On How To Combat Hair Loss

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Aug 25 2019 / 18:24 PM

Press play to see Dr Shawana Vali talk through all things hair loss

From royalty to Victoria’s Secret models, Dr Shawana Vali boasts an impressive clientele when it comes to cosmetic dermatology and medical wellness. In this week’s episode of Beauty Talks with Dr. Vali, the founder of LMS Wellness, takes us through the basics of understanding and identifying hair loss, including the simplest ways to correct it – and it turns out, it’s easier than you think.

“I’ll always advise you [my clients] for things you can do at home,” explains Dr Vali. “The first thing I’ll say to you is to stop using products in your hair.” Going back to the basics by swapping all those fancy styling products for baby shampoo and coconut oil can do wonders for shedding hair, and get those luscious locks growing back in no time. Taking a multitude of vitamins such as biotin and flax seed can help too – and, of course, as Dr Vali illustrates, there are professional stem-cell treatments that can help trick your hair to snap out of its pesky shedding phase and revert back to its much preferred growing phase.  

Watch on to see Dr Vali talk in depth about the main causes and various treatments for hair loss.

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