Watch | Bizarre Beauty: Is Tibetan Sound Healing Really A Short-Cut To Zen?

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Sep 24 2019 / 09:31 AM

Eat Pray Love eat your heart out

This week we’re at the very cool and uber modern Abu Dhabi Edition Hotel, to try out a very left field treatment for episode three of Bizarre Beauty: Sound Therapy, which is practically a short-cut to zen.

How it works is, Tibetan sound bowls are gently whizzed around the body transferring healing and harmonising energy to ground you and balance your brain waves. Despite the vibrations gonging away, it's a very still and chilled out treatment, where you're at one with your body and no amount of work pressure will penetrate your tranquillity. After Sound Therapy you're definitely going to activate your OOO with immediate effect.

Sonic landscapes are said to produce a bliss-out high, which is a whole lot of Eat Pray Love and we're very much on board with it...

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Host: Georgie Bradley

Video: Soultrap Studio