WATCH: Can The iPhone X Take Your Instagram To The Next Level?

BY Sarah Garden / Nov 14 2017 / 19:16 PM

We've got our hands on an iPhone X to find out if you should splash your cash

Apple launched the tenth anniversary iPhone X on the 3rd of November to a huge fanfare. Apple fans all over the world have spent the last week with heads down and hands stuck to their new piece of kit.

If you’re still in the “should I or shouldn’t I?” camp, then let Bazaar help you out. We’ve been using the phone since it launched, having already been avid users of the iPhone 7 and 8.

We found that *spoiler alert* when it comes to Instagram, this is worth the investment. Photographers, videographers and bloggers will love the sharpness of pictures, portrait mode, the fact that the screen is larger than the 8 Plus while being easier to fit in your hand.

And, best of all, the animoji – animated emojis based on facial recognition. Yes, it’s not exactly the most useful aspect of the phone, but sending cartoon-style voice notes will never get old.

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