Watch: The Lessons My Mother Taught Me | Bazaar spends the day shopping with mothers and daughters

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Mar 4 2018 / 22:01 PM

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we spent the day shopping at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi

Creating memories that can be handed down from one generation to another ensures the longevity of a relationship far beyond the confines of time. The connection between a mother and daughter is often the most cherished of all, with every kiss stolen, secret shared and lesson learnt. From the mother who leads by example, to another who nurtures with words, the nuances of each relationship deserve to be celebrated and built upon. Whether it’s a day spent browsing boutiques together, an afternoon laughing over patisseries at La Petite Maison, or a special moment choosing a family heirloom at the jewellery counter in Cartier, in just one second these moments are committed to memory forever. Here, in celebration of these beautiful relationships and Mother’s Day on March 21, Bazaar spends a day at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, discussing love, friendship and family values with three of the region’s most inspiring mother-daughter duos.

Nora Al Suwaidi and Yasmina
“Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe they are mine,” Nora Al Suwaidi, director general of cancer patient care society Rahma, says of her three children. It is “baby” Yasmina, eight, in whom Nora sees herself, because “We both love adventure, nature and dance.”

Of her parenting style, she says, “I am a parent first and friend after, but at the end of the day, Yasmina is my best friend,” she smiles, describing her daughter as “Caring, compassionate and brave.” Nora believes in letting “kids be kids”, allowing Yasmina free rein to follow her passions of dance and music. “My mum’s taught me to be strong and to believe in myself,” Yasmina says, which goes hand-in-hand with the advice Nora is passing on to her daughter.

“My mother instilled in me to put my dreams into action. I hope that Yasmina will one day follow her dreams. Wherever they take Yasmina,
I will support her.”

Nora Al Suwaidi wears: Dress, Dhs4,460, Max Mara. Bag, Dhs33,800, Prada. Shoes, Dhs7,850, Jimmy Choo. Sunglasses, Dhs1,480, Miu Miu. Scarf, Nora’s own Yasmina wears: Dress, Dhs1,695, Burberry. Bag, Dhs9,700, Prada. Hairband, Dhs1,180, Miu Miu. Shoes, Yasmina’s own

Outfits, as before

Nora Al Suwaidi wears: Blouse, Dhs6,320; trousers, Dhs6,120; shoes, Dhs3,480; Headband, Dhs1,280, all Miu Miu.Yasmina wears: Dress, Dhs1,695, Burberry. Hairband, Dhs1,180, Miu Miu. Shoes, Yasmina’s own

Amina Taher and Shama
“I see a lot of special things in Shamma,” Amina Taher says of her 13-year-old daughter. “She’s very independent and caring, and she’s born with natural leadership skills.” The relationship Amina, VP of corporate affairs at Etihad, has with Shamma is “very friendly, casual and honest,” whilst Shamma describes her mother as “smart, busy and kind,” adding, “She teaches me not to judge people and to be kind to others and honest.” Amina’s main parenting goal is “to make Shamma feel that she is always loved,” and she looks to Queen Rania and Angelina Jolie as mentors in motherhood as they seamlessly “balance family and work.” Shamma’s own dream is to be “happy” and to become a fashion designer, with Amina adding that she wants her daughter to be “an independent thinker and do what she believes is right, yet still carry a little bit of the identity that we have.”

Amina Taher wears: Dress, Dhs8,300; clutch, Dhs7,100, both Céline. Watch, Dhs116,800, Chopard at Al Manara International Jewellery.Shoes, Dhs2,700, Jimmy Choo.Shamma wears: Blazer, Dhs4,395, Burberry. Sweater, Dhs4,700, Christian Dior. Jeans, Dhs2,900, Miu Miu. Shoes, Dhs3,900 Christian Dior. Earrings, Dhs10,800, Messika at Al Manara International Jewellery. Watch, Dhs31,300, Bulgari. Belt and socks, Shamma’s own

Shamma wears: Earrings, sweater and watch, as before. Bag, Dhs10,400, Prada. Amina wears: Dress, watch and shoes, as before. Clutch, Dhs16,500, Prada

Shamma wears: Earrings, Dhs26,300, Van Cleef & Arpels. Blazer, sweater, watch, and jeans as before. Amina wears: Earrings, Dhs1,800, Céline. Dress and watch, as before 

Noor Al Tamimi and Ameera
“Sometimes I’m the nurturing mum, sometimes the coaching mum, and sometimes I try to be her friend,” Noor Al Tamimi says of her 14-year-old daughter, Ameera. “I can tell her anything,” Ameera adds, “She’s my best friend.” Mother to five children, Noor, CEO of Bedashing Beauty Lounge, has expertly honed her mothering skills, describing herself as, “Genuine, because honesty is very important. I never lie to my kids.” She also leads by example, “because I’ve learned the only way for my children to do the right thing is to see their mother do the right thing first.” From her mum, Ameera has learnt to be “confident and how to be a leader. We share the same personality,” she smiles, “and we’re so similar that people call me ‘Mini Noor’.”

Noor Al Tamimi wears: Abaya, Dhs46,000, Dolce & Gabbana. Belt, Dhs3,150, Roger Vivier. Bag, Dhs31,550, Miu Miu.
Ameera wears: Dress, Dhs2,000, Max Mara. Bag, Dhs16,800, Louis Vuitton. Sneakers, Dhs2,900, Roger Vivier. Sunglasses, Dhs1,300, Bulgari. Chopard watch, Ameera’s own

Noor wears: Abaya, as before. Bracelet, Dhs33,100, Cartier. Ameera wears: Dress, as before. Jacket, Dhs3,045, Sportmax. Bracelet, Dhs33,100, Cartier

Ameera wears: Dress,as before. Shoes, Dhs5,100, Roger Vivier. Noor wears: Abaya, belt, and bag, as before. Shoes, her own

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Videographer: Emiliano Arganaraz
Photographer: Ziga Mihelcic
Stylist: Lucy Wildman 

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