Watch | The Region's Tenacious Women On Ramadan And Being Empowered Females In The Middle East

BY Connie Chamberlayne / Jun 2 2019 / 20:58 PM

With the Holy Month now drawing to a close, Victoria’s Secret, in partnership with BAZAAR, caught up with some of our favourite ladies to find out what makes them proud to be women in the Middle East and why the Holy Month is special to them.

Fouz Al Fahad; “Ramadan is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends.”

Elissa Freiha; “Seeing the progress women in the region are making is so empowering.”

Zahra Lari; “Taking the time to reflect and show kindness to others at Ramadan is important.”

Ruba Zarou; “I love the calm and tranquil energy during this period. It’s so peaceful”.

Rhea Jacob; “The Holy Month is a time for giving. It’s a great opportunity to donate to charity”.

 family gathering together during Ramadan”.

Joyce Amil; “Taking care of your body and soul over this month is essential”.

Tamara Al Gabbani;“Ramadan is a chance to show my love and appreciation to my creator”.

Nadya Hassan; “People demonstrate a huge about of strength and self-control during Ramadan”.

Nina Ali; “It’s an incredible feeling to spend time thinking about how to be kind to others”.

Enjy Kiwan; “Ramadan is such a social month. It’s great spending so much time with loved ones”.

Natasha Mufleh; “It’s so inspiring for me to experience the incredible Arab women I train achieving their goals”.

Rania Fawaz; “Women in our region have made so many amazing changes over the past few years”.

Sheikha Noora Al Khalifa; “Ramadan is a time for sacrifice, resilience, and generosity”.

Nisa Tiwana; “Everything slows down during the Holy Month and the days feel wonderfully long”.

In partnership with Victoria's Secret. Featuring Elissa Freiha, Zahra Lari, Fouz Al Fahad, Ruba Zarou, Rhea Jacob, Mthayel Al Ali, Joyce Amil, Tamara Al Gabbani, Nadya Hassan, Nina Ali, Enjy Kiwan, Natasha Mufleh, Rania Fawaz, Sheikha Noora Al Khalifa and Nisa Tiwana. 

Videography by Kurtis Jarret @ SODA Agency 

Content Direction by Connie Chamberlayne

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