Watch: In Conversation With Valérie Messika

BY Sophie Stevens / Jun 3 2018 / 20:52 PM

The founder of the House of Messika speaks to Bazaar about the new High Jewellery collection inspired by the magical world of fairytales

For Valérie Messika there is no better time of day than sitting down with her daughters to read them a bedtime story. The opportunity to revisit some of her favourite fairytales ignited Valérie’s idea to create a High Jewellery collection dedicated to this imaginary realm.

The 22-piece collection is divided into four different fairytales: The Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, The Bright Falcon, and Arabian Nights. “Combining my passion for diamonds with my love of fashion, I’ve re-written some of the tales that once enchanted me as a child, exploring their themes with a feel for couture,” Valérie explains.

When speaking to Bazaar about the collection, Valérie points to the six Middle Eastern-inspired Arabian Nights pieces as amongst her favourite designs, which feature different diamond cuts in a sparkling homage to the star-filled night sky. Each piece is meticulously crafted, including a stunning sautoir diamond necklace that took over 560 hours to complete.

Valérie has continued her flair for combining exceptional diamonds with a playful edge. “I believe women like wearing Messika jewellery because, in terms of style, it is modern and pure,” she explains. “It gives you an allure. The pieces are also comfortable: for me it is very important that the jewels stick to the skin of a woman – almost like a tattoo – and you can forget about it.”