Yasmin and Christian Hemmerle's Guide To Munich's Art And Culture Scene

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 19 2019 / 17:04 PM

Fourth generation owners of family-run jewelry house Hemmerle speak to Bazaar Art about design, art and culture in the Bavarian capital Munich, Germany

Yasmin and Christian Hemmerle's Guide To Munich's Art And Culture Scene
Courtesy of Hemmerle
Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle

How does Munich celebrate art, design and craftsmanship?
Interestingly Munich was recently voted the most liveable city in the world for its quality of life. The Bavarian capital is full of cultural institutions like the Haus der Kunst and Alte Pinakotheken to stunning baroque architectural sites like Nymphebourg palace and Asamkirchen church that signify the city’s offering. Traditionally, Bavaria has been the heart of craftsmanship in Germany with hundreds of crafts enterprises, organisations and guilds still part of the city’s and the state’s fabric.

Pottery and ceramics, handcrafted glasses, vases and lights at the Poschinger glassworks, the oldest glassworks in Germany as well as fine handmade porcelain from the celebrated Nymphenburg are all part of the craftsmanship that is kept alive in Munich. The Bavarian Gmund papermakers from Gmund am Tegernsee, in Southern Germany boast over 180 years of paper culture and have developed into a high-tech company defined by their authentic, progressive and sustainable perspective.

Hemmerle earrings, diamonds, aluminium, white gold. Courtesy of Hemmerle

Where are some of your favourite spots for art and culture in Munich?
A cultural cornerstone of the city, Bayerische Staatsoper is the largest opera house in Germany and the perfect place to be moved by some of the world’s best operas in a chic setting. With its endless collection, every time you walk into the Munich Residenz you can discover something new.

The Schatzkammer (Treasury) at the Munich Residenz (former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria) is for us an incredible jewellery museum collection with treasures collected by the rulers of Bavaria over the centuries. Ranging from medieval works of art, religious artefacts, royal regalia, swords, crowns and medals of honour amongst many other exhibits, the collection contains pieces of exquisite craftsmanship and cultural importance that may be impossible to recreate at this day and age. The gardens are also gorgeous for a stroll.

What is your favourite travel destination for design inspiration and why?
Egypt for the country’s unrivalled firmament of historic sites jewelled with colour and form.

Hemmerle earrings, morganites, diamonds, pearls, copper, white gold. Courtesy of Hemmerle

What are your favourite galleries and museums in Munich?
Lenbachhaus is a great place to see modern art and learn a bit about Munich’s art history at the same time. It houses the world’s largest collection of works by the artists of the “Blue Rider” circle. Architect Norman Foster’s renovation opened in 2013 and smartly combined the historic with the contemporary, articulating the old within the new, something we also do in our jewellery.

The new wing features an innovative use of materials –the colour of its
aluminium-copper-alloy tubes complement the villa’s rich ochre render. Munich’s Egyptian museum is exceptional both architecturally as a building and for its innovative and inspirational museum display of its collection.

Yasmin and Christian Hemmerle. Courtesy of Hemmerle

Favourite places to shop in Munich?
Carta Pura is the best paper and stationary shop in Germany – every piece of paper is a work of art and inspires creativity. Their old-fashioned till has been wound more than 1 million times since their opening in 1985. Whilst you are in the city centre we would definitely recommend picking up a jar of delicious sweet mustard at Dallmayr Delicatessen. Johanna Daimer established in 1883 is a traditional yet unconventional felt house in Munich with
some incredible materials and colours to be discovered.

Hemmerle necklace, diamonds, jade, smoky quartz, copper, white gold. Courtesy of Hemmerle

Favourite restaurants in Munich?
Spatenhaus is a romantic restaurant overlooking the opera and the Residenz and is perfect for Bavarian food at its best with delicious schnitzel and Kaiserschmarren. Belgian designer Axel Vervooght reimagined a wing of the iconic Bayerischer Hof hotel last year and it now reflects a more modern Munich. Within it, the Garden restaurant has a wonderful terrace for summer and fireplaces for winter. Schumann’s Bar a neighbourhood restaurant and our second home with its daily changing centred around local fresh produce lunch is definitely a must.

What’s next for Hemmerle?
After celebrating our 125th anniversary in 2018 we plan to keep on innovating our designs whilst remembering and respecting the past and our heritage. We will be showing at PAD London and TEFAF New York Fall later this year.

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