Beauty Diaries: Natasha Ekstedt On The Best Nude Lipsticks And Her Must-Have Scandi Hair Product

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Oct 29 2019 / 09:06 AM

MD of Coffee Communications, Natasha talks us through her love of Scandi beauty and her hate for crusts left on sandwiches

Beauty Diaries: Natasha Ekstedt On The Best Nude Lipsticks And Her Must-Have Scandi Hair Product
Natasha Ekstedt

BAZAAR has gotten acceso to many make-up hacks, hair tips, bad hair-days secrets and many more beauty, body and skin tips from Saudi/French founder and managing director of Coffee Communications, Natasha Ekstedt. Here's a little glimpse to her favorite products...


Favourite make-up brand? “I don’t have a specific go to brand. My top three would be Dior for their foundation – Dior Skin was my first foundation (Dhs255) I owned, and I’ve never gotten around changing it, Givenchy – I love their eyeshadows – currently obsessing over their essence of shadow pallet, Charlotte Tilbury – their pillow talk collection is obsessive and MAC for their never-ending choices in shades, I probably own around 40 lipstick shades of MAC. “

Go-to lip colour: “For the day I love a pinkish nude. My go to for the day is Velvet Teddy (Dhs95), Crème Cup by MAC or Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury (Dhs130). For the evening I love a bold Ruby Woo.  As of this week I am trying out all the new shades of the MAC Love Me collection!”

Make-up hack: “A lot of the times I need to head to an event right after work, giving me bare minimal time to get changed. For an easy and quick smoky eye makeup - with your eyeliner, draw a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of each eye. Blend it in with the rest of your eye makeup. You get that smoky look without a lot of work.”

Dior Forever 24 Skin-Caring Foundation, Dhs255

MAC, Matte Lipstick, Velvet Teddy, Dhs95

Pillow Talk Lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury, Dhs130


Treatments: “Occasionally I get a hydration mask or if I am blessed with time over the weekend, I make my grandmothers hair treatment at home for healthy shiny hair. I add equal amounts of Castor oil, argan oil and coconut oil. After applying it on, I wrap it in a damp hot towel and leave it be for a while. I wash my hair after 3 hours.”

Favourite products: “During a trip to Sweden five years ago, I was at a salon in Stockholm where they washed my hair with a brand named Maria Nila. I felt an instant difference to my hair. Now upon every travel to Scandinavia I buy enough to keep me going. Shampoo (Dhs110), conditioner (Dhs110), hair mask, hair spray all of it!”

Bad hair day secret: “Braids! I try to stay away from dry shampoos as I have always noticed after using them my scalp gets oilier quicker after a hair wash.”

Maria Nila "Heal" Shampoo, Dhs110 and Conditioner, Dhs110


Go-to product for skin emergencies: “I do not breakout often but when I do, I opt for Differin, an over the counter miracle gel which is my go-to. It gets rids of breakouts overnight.”

Flight essentials: “I always carry my Clinique ID moisturizing Lotion (Dhs140) for fatigue. Keeps my skin Hydrated throughout the flight. Slips on easily, absorbs quickly! I also carry an Aesop hand creme, Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury and pink blush by MAC. I always take the UFO mini (Dhs110) with me on flights which gives your gorgeous skin in seconds. It replaces the conventional face masks. No matter where I’m landing, these are a must.”

Clinique ID Moisturizing Lotion, Dhs140

Foreo UFO mini, Dhs110


Attitude to injectables: “As they say, never say never. I do not mind aging, as long as it happens gracefully. If it doesn’t, Plan. B. - I probably would look at getting Botox.”

Secret Surgeries: “So far none.”

Most invasive procedure: “Does a root canal count?”


Workout Method: “I really can’t get myself to the gym. Running on a treadmill is like a hamster running on his spinning wheel. No trainer has got me to change my perspective on that. I love interactive high intensity classes like the riding classes at CRANK, Barre at Define and HIT at Platform. I am on ClassPass which is an ideal app for people like me. You are open to a variety of gym’s close to you offering different classes and timings.“

Beverage Preference: “I start my day with a green tea. Over the course of the day I have a lot more of herbal teas and a Beetroot ginger juice once a day.”

Food dislikes: “I must have the crusts cut off my sandwich. Neither can I stand tomatoes in them. I also really dislike peas!”

From Harper's Bazaar Arabia's October 2019 Issue