The Best Places To Get Henna In Dubai

BY Sara AlHumiri / Nov 3 2019 / 16:26 PM

Decorate your hands with some beautiful designs...

The Best Places To Get Henna In Dubai
AlMarasim Ladies Salon

Unlike the permanent ink of a tattoo, henna fades within two weeks, making it a go-to for women across the Middle East for various celebrations. Thanks to its intricate, spectacularly visual nature, the traditional hand art that was once reserved to bring good luck to brides on their wedding day has now become a salon mainstay. Here, BAZAAR have lined up all the best place where you can go to get (temporarily) tatted...


AlMarasim Ladies Salon

Go for a more traditional henna look at the AlMarasim Ladies Salon, where they can design both hands & feet. Running for 20 years in the UAE beauty industry, this salon will give you flawless designs, and ones that stick to the authenticity of Henna's Emirati roots as well. 

Location: Villa 1043, Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah Dubai

Contact: 04 346 7772


Rachna Salon

Rachna Salon offers a full spectrum of beauty treatments, but especially prides themselves in their henna as they work to "fuse Arabic designs with traditional henna hand printing which has passed down from one generation to the next." 

Location: Umm Suqeim 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Villa No.601

Contact: 04 394 4489]


Grand Flora Spa And Ladies Salon

The Grand Flora Spa offers henna for a hand starting at Dhs60 and for feet Dhs100. If you're looking to have a 'henna party', an event can be planned where the salon can also provide home service.

Location: Jumeirah Aswaq, Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah Road, Dubai

Contact: +971 4 328 5555


Dubai Henna by Sara 

Dubai Henna offers all kinds of services, from Bridal, Henna Party, and Prenatal Belly Henna to individual Henna. Their price range depends on the design that you ask for or bring them. This gives you more room to get creative and request whatever kind of stylish body-art you want.

Location: O2 Tower, Cluster O, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

Contact: +971 55 739 3321


Heritage For Henna

Not only does Heritage for Henna give you unique and professional designs, which are of the highest quality, but they also offer training services to applicants. They have 28 'Henna Majlis (tents)'' all over the Emirates, and make sure to stick to the traditions of henna, while still being efficient and fast during the treatment. 

   Location: SME Business Village, Deira near clock tower, Dubai

Contact: +971 56 310 16 90

Henna (or Mehndi in Indian) is an Emirati tradition that goes back to the Middle East in 800 CE when it was used to bring good luck to brides for their nuptials. Since then, the beautiful artistry that is henna design still lives on in the UAE today. This beauty treatment is as old and traditional as they come in terms of culture; it's usually worn by Emirati women for weddings, Ramadan and events such as Eid. But as the UAE has progressed and its beauty ideals have changed, it's no surprise that the way in which henna is worn has transformed.