This Is The Brand New Platform Inspiring Arab Women

BY Kasia Truscott / Oct 24 2019 / 12:44 PM

'She is Arab' is the first dedicated speakers' platform of its kind for Arab women across the world

This Is The Brand New Platform Inspiring Arab Women
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On 23rd October, the world's first dedicated speakers' platform for Arab women, 'She is Arab', launched in the UAE; its first country of operation, neatly in line with the UAE's ongoing commitment to gender equality. The platform aims to advance the empowerment of Arab women by increasing their representation at speaking events and within the working world. Its vision? To be the new, modernised voice of Arab women across the world. 

Co-founded by international development experts Noha Hefny and Samar Alshorafa, She is Arab has built itself into a social enterprise, combining a technology-driven platform with a powerful social mission to develop the representation of Arab female speakers and entrepreneurial leaders across every industry sector.

Noha Hefny and Samar Alshorafa

"The region is experiencing an unprecedented momentum when it comes to women empowerment," says Hefny. "As Arab women we have so much to be proud of in terms of our achievements. She is Arab was born out of our strong belief in the power and capabilities of Arab women. We are presenting a platform by Arab women for Arab women to enhance leadership and participation in every field."

Alshorafa continues: "It is time for Arab women to own the narrative and tell their own story. We need to see inspirational women at all levels, now more than ever; and there is definitely no shortage of talent in and from the region."

In its first stage, the company is actively seeking partnerships with private and public sector organizations, as well as academic institutions and foundations, to support women on their journey to becoming public speakers. The aim is to help Arab women build their personal brand and leadership profiles, as well as offering professional leadership development opportunities.

She is Arab has set its sights on global expansion beyond the UAE in the coming years. In the future, the intitiative hopes to become the partner of choice for organizations on gender equality and female empowerment across the globe, inspiring the next generation of young, independent Arab women. 

Watch this space. 

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