Interview: Chanel Temple Shares Her Pro Beauty Secrets

BY Michaela Williams / Sep 26 2019 / 11:27 AM

Why we will be all about natural brows and unpolished beauty in 2020

Interview: Chanel Temple Shares Her Pro Beauty Secrets
HykuDphotography; @HourglassCosmetics

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As the Global Make-Up Artist for luxe beauty brand Hourglass, Chanel Temple knows the secrets to creating beautiful brows (her own are admittedly enviable). Here, she shares with BAZAAR her tricks of the trade.

Hyku D photography

On what to expect from 2020 trends:

I feel like we’re falling back in love with the way make-up makes you feel, with this youthful playfulness that doesn’t take itself so seriously and isn’t so polished.

On her pop culture inspiration:

I love the looks on the HBO TV show, Euphoria. They’re giving us these amazing graphic eye looks which are so clean and modern but have an 80s feel. It’s like nostalgia without being clichéd. Doniella Davy, the make-up artist behind the show’s look has been getting a lot of recognition for her work, with so many shows at this year’s New York Fashion Week taking inspiration from her too.

On doing it for the ‘Gram:

The Instagram brow is almost over; I think women are looking for something more individual and that plays off of their natural brow shapes and enhancing that. The Instagram brow, with the ombre fade and everything is a bit too generic for 2020. We want to stand out from the crowd now, in our own way.

On why the new Hourglass Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil will change the way you do your brows:

It’s the teeniest tiniest tip – one of the thinnest on the market at 1.4mm in diameter – and it gives you so much control. The oval shape mimics the shape of a hair strand too, so it’s going to look natural. The Micro Sculpting Pencil helps create the best version of you, a product that seamlessly blurs the line between the product and your skin, to be undetectably transformative.

On how to get a flawless brow with the Hourglass Micro Sculpting Pencil:

Start light and build up. Only use a feather touch of pressure, it shouldn’t even feel like you’re drawing the pencil across the skin. Then you can always add more products to intensify, define and set – there’s a base to build onto. It’s a lot easier to add more product than to remove it!

On Middle Eastern beauty:

I love how creative women here are. I’ve noticed that they really put an effort into their looks, with women mixing trends and not being afraid to step outside of the box.

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So excited to reveal the new Fall Collection from @hourglasscosmetics. The Fall collection introduces the NEW Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil and 4 NEW shades of Scattered Light Glitter Eyeshado Using these products have given me the freedom to define my brows, not change them. They have enhanced the brows that I was born with! The Motto is: Find your arch don’t force it. Thick or thin, untamed, filled in and every extraordinary variation in between this is The Unrestricted Brow. Embrace your brow. Enhance your arch. Empower your individuality. @HourglassCosmetics is available exclusively at @sephoramiddleeast #UnrestrictedBrow #HourglassMiddleeast #HourglassBrows #Sephora تتذكرون قبل فتره حكيت عن مجموعة اور قلاس اللي نزلت جديد .. الي هي حقت فصل الخريف.. اخيرًا سويت لكم هذا اللوك باستخدام قلم الحواجب الي يعطي لون مره طبيعي و مرتب + الايشادو القلتر على كل العين طبعًا قلم الحواجب موجود اسمه فوق فيه اكثر من درجة! اور قلاس موجود فقط في سيفورا ..

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The eyebrows here are so full and dynamic too, you can tell that a good brow is important, and I love that they are working with their natural shapes rather than forcing it.

On her celebrity brow crush:

Lily Collins has the most incredible eyebrows. Whenever I watch something with her in it, I just stare at them the entire time instead of watching the movie!