This New Macro-counting Blender Is Exactly What Every Kitchen Needs

BY Kelly Johnstone / Jun 9 2019 / 20:53 PM

Introducing the latest must-have gadget from NutriBullet...

This New Macro-counting Blender Is Exactly What Every Kitchen Needs

Calorie counters and juicing aficionados will be thrilled to discover the newest super-smart Nutribullet blender takes all the hard work out of nutrition.

The Nutribullet Balance, which has just landed in the UAE, connects to your phone or tablet to transmit real-time nutritional data of your smoothie to an app.

We’ve been fans of this miracle blender since it launched, but the latest addition to the Nutribullet family takes things up a nutritional notch.

The Balance is able to accurately count the calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugars using a clever little built-in sensor, and the app even has a great selection of healthy recipes to try that can be tailored to your own personal tastes and goals – no excuses now – and that can be browsed based on whatever fruit, veg and ingredients you happen to have in your fridge.

We love this hassle-free way of tracking and measuring all the ingredients that go into the blender, as it means we can ensure that the macros we are consuming stay within the set daily allowance.

And celebrities are in on the juicing act too! Kate Middleton is said to be a huge fan of juice diets and has her own nifty Nutribullet in her royal kitchen (it’s what she used to slim down for her wedding reportedly). Victoria Beckham is also a Nutribullet-lover and has posted several Insta-stories showing hers in action.

We’ve put this straight on the top of our wish list!

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