Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Working Day

BY Stephanie Lohale / Aug 4 2019 / 16:24 PM

Ten tips for squeezing a workout into your work life

Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Working Day
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When you have a busy work schedule and a hectic social calendar, it's easy for exercise to slip down the priority list. How can you best fit it in? Try these easy ways to make working out work around you.

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Change your attitude and diarise workouts

Rather than trying to fit exercise around your work regime, make it part of your daily routine. It's of equal importance; data shows the direct correlation between wellbeing and productivity. Set time aside in your diary for your workout. Make it an appointment, part of your schedule, and turn up. You don't think of meetings as optional, so treat exercise as compulsory too.

Workout anywhere on-demand

Depending on your schedule, the gym may simply not be open when you have time to go, or you may have your children's schedules to factor in which complicates matters. Make sure to get into a basic 15 minute routine that features a quick set of full-body stretches and workouts.

Healthy competition

Buddy up with someone else at work and keep each other motivated. Set a goal, share data, connect up your tracking tools. The transparency means you'll motivate each other and might even achieve more with a bit of friendly one-upmanship.

Track your success

Tracking your progress will build confidence and satisfaction, and the myriad tools out there can now record so much more than steps. Free apps like MapMyFitness are compatible with a number of fitness trackers like FitBit or Apple Watch, and link in with MyFitnessPal to help you identify your calorie burn and how you should refuel.

Book an express lunchtime class

If group classes are your thing, working out on your lunch break, while factoring in time to get back to the office, isn't necessarily out of the question. Just book an express class. From Boom Cycle to Barrecore, many chain and boutique gyms offer 30- and 45-minute classes meaning you don't have to sacrifice your early mornings or evenings. Try an express kick-boxing session at TribeFit in Dubai Marina between the day and test out what we mean!

Take advantage of flexible working hours

Increasingly, flexible working hours are becoming commonplace in office jobs. Of course, this comes in many different forms, but if finding time to exercise around your working day is a problem discuss the issue with your boss. You never know – granting more flexibility to your schedule could be an easy solution, likely promoting productivity at the same time.

Walk or cycle to work

If your commute isn't too lengthy as it is, turn it into an exercise opportunity by biking or walking to work and back. You'll avoid traffic jams and train delays while burning calories. Plus, it's free. Make use of those new bike/run tracks in the inner-workings of Jumeirah and make your trip to work an active one!

Make your catch-ups active ones

Meet with a work friend over a walk; schedule your monthly girls' night with barre before the bar; go dancing with your partner instead of another drawn-out dinner. There are easy ways to inject exercise into your social life without it feeling like an effort. Try a quick and fun class at BARE Dubai in Downtown Dubai, for an active and fun catch-up. 

Do a short yoga session before bed

If you struggle to switch off after a busy day, make just 15 minutes for a restorative yoga practice – which can be guided by websites such as Movement for Modern Life, YogaGlo or professional YouTube tutorials (we recommend Yoga with Adriene). It will help you relax, reset, and engage in the concept of mindfulness leading to peaceful sleep or if you're looking for a more active yoga routine; try Swing Yoga at Core Club Pro in Business Bay, and end your night back-ache and bad-mood free! 

Know that every little helps

When you start building exercise into your everyday routine you'll mind a little less if you can't make every gym class you'd like to. Whether it's desk stretches, getting off the bus a stop early to walk more or taking the stairs rather than the escalator, every bit helps.

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