5 Of Dubai's Coolest Female Entrepreneurs You Need On Your Radar

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Apr 2 2019 / 18:24 PM

The co-founders of Dubai-based creative collective Female First Sessions presented to us the women they admire most

5 Of Dubai's Coolest Female Entrepreneurs You Need On Your Radar
Left: Hyku Desesto of Hyku D Photography; right: Mashael Al Ali of Re:Urban Studio

There are two things that Female First Sessions founders Nour Zaghoul and Megane Quashie know best: women and business. So who better to introduce us to Dubai's hardest working female entrepreneurs than two of our faves? Meet five of the region's coolest female entrepreneurs that should be on your radar. 

1. MonBelle - Those Guys FZE

Those Guys is a live events and entertainment company, providing bespoke solutions and event services to the industry and general public alike. Its founder, MonBelle, has conceptualised events for international brands including Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. Her network brings professionals and creatives together from across several continents, striving to create long-lasting memories of the perfect event. 


2. Mona Ataya - Mumz World

"The life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one, and it’s not for everyone." If that statement of hers is any indication, then Mumzworld founder and CEO Mona Ataya is someone who doesn’t believe in sugarcoating things - in a region where being an entrepreneur has somehow become the new cool thing to be, Ataya is the voice of caution for the upstarts with stars in their eyes.


3. Natalie Lines and Elizabeth Wentling - Slate Agency

The creative digital agency, founded by Natalie Lines and Elizabeth Wentling, provides all manner of services, from branding and graphic design to production and creative direction. Their hard work has meant Lines and Wentling have got a good few brand partnerships under their belt in the short period since Slate's inception in 2016 - YSL Beauty and Lancôme are two brands that have made use of their expertise. They are socially conscious in their policies, championing the inclusion of women and minorities in their work. An example to us all. 


4. Hyku Desesto - Hyku D Photography

The team of photographers and videographers is led by Hyku Desesto, who was a young mum that decided to take the plunge into business. She has conquered the creative production industry, one that's typically male-dominated, through many sleepless nights. Her hard work and dedication have earned her a reputation amongst her loyal clients for having super speedy turn-around times.


5. Fatima Al Shaikh and Mashael Al Ali - Re:Urban Studio

Re:Urban studio is an innovative, forward-looking membership-based co-working space in the heart of Dubai's Design District, inviting like-minded independent creatives to assemble, think, work and learn. Its founders, Fatima Al Shaikh and Mashael Al Ali, are no less innovative and forward-looking themselves. Al Shaikh seeks to promote design and innovation through encouraging creative entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and transform their ideas into unique projects. Al Ali proudly co-founded the first business incubator in Dubai as part of recent regulations introduced by the Emirate, and has a strong penchant for art, architecture and design.