How L'Oréal's New Tech Investments Will Impact Your Beauty Routine

BY Samantha Hamilton Rushforth / Oct 22 2017 / 20:26 PM

Your future make-up bag could include some very clever gadgets

How L'Oréal's New Tech Investments Will Impact Your Beauty Routine

One of the world's leading beauty manufacturers, L'Oréal, have announced that they will be investing in a program for start-up businesses in the beauty world in an effort to bring consumers the latest tech and innovation launches that could change your grooming routine forever.

The company had previously invested in a start-up incubator in San Francisco that produced a UV skin patch able to monitor and report on levels of sun exposure, warning and advising the wearer on how to protect themselves against the anti-aging and harmful effects of the sun.

L'Oréal Chairman and Chief Executive Jean-Paul Agon commented on the new venture, “The world of beauty has already become very digitalized … this will allow us go even further than what we do today.”

The start-up campus housing these businesses will be based in Paris, with 10 to 12 firms collaborating with the brand to produce new inventions throughout the year. 

This year alone, many brands have seen a spike in their online sales as customers benefit from more immersive beauty tools (such as apps to match your perfect foundation), while products like colour-changing hair dye and the Kerastase 'smart' hairbrush have made a significant impact on how the future of beauty is developing, further cementing the need to bring digitized tools into our make-up arsenal. 

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