Kim Kardashian West Is Launching KKW Beauty Lip Liners and Eight New Lipsticks

BY Jenna Rosenstein / May 30 2018 / 16:15 PM

Fans are already wondering what Kylie thinks.

Kim Kardashian West Is Launching KKW Beauty Lip Liners and Eight New Lipsticks

As legend states, Kylie Jenner got the idea for her wildly successful beauty line Kylie Cosmetics from a problem she had with lip liner. Never able to find a perfect liner match for her favorite lipsticks, Jenner set out to create a Lip Kit—and the rest, they say, is history. But now her half-sister Kim Kardashian West is diving into the lip game head-first with a collection of eight lipsticks and three liners launching on June 8.

Kardashian West teased the new KKW Beauty lip launches on Instagram and Twitter, sharing photos of the shades but not the new packaging. The eight shades range from pale nude to redder and browner tones as well—so there's a nude for ever skin tone. "OMG I’ve been wearing these for months now!" she wrote on Twitter. "The creamiest long lasting lip stick formula (8 lipsticks and 3 liners!!!) Can’t wait for you to see my packaging!"

This isn't the first lip launch for KKW Beauty. Last year, Kardashian West teamed up with Jenner to launch a a set of four nude liquid lipsticks. There was also a nude bullet lipstick and two glosses in the KKW Mario collection. But these new products, launching on June 8, marks the first time Kardashian West is debuting a core collection of lip products.

The former Bazaar cover star wore one shade of the new lipstick and liner on the Met Gala red carpet, teasing a new KKW Beauty release to come.

The news of the new lipsticks and liners comes just days after KKW Beauty launched two new highlighter palettes. Late last year, Kardashian West said that lipsticks were the KKW Beauty product she was most excited to launch in 2018.

Via Harper's Bazaar US