Bridal Beauty | The Ultimate Wedding Day Countdown

BY Nina Catt / May 7 2020 / 10:00 AM

From teeth whitening to waxing, our experts have all the answers

Bridal Beauty | The Ultimate Wedding Day Countdown

We've taken the stress out of worrying about when to schedule appointments with the help of a team of Bazaar Bride-approved beauty professionals...

If you’ve always dreamt of perfecting your smile then what better time to do it than before your big day? Invisalign is the grown-up’s alternative to traditional braces, and the process involves wearing a series of removable transparent aligners that are switched out for a new set every six-to-eight weeks depending on how fast your teeth are coaxed into their perfect new position. “Contact your dentist asap as you’ll need at least 12 months from the first visit for best results,” recommends Dr Sofia Aravopoulou from Euromed Clinic Center, Dubai.

This is the time to start thinking about your long-term plan for your hair, skincare and health regime. Book in for consultations with your stylist, dermatologist and dietitian. If you have grandiose visions of long, flowing locks and you’re currently sporting shoulder-grazing strands, you need to allow time for the experts to come up with a plan.

If you’re planning on upping your muscle-toning or calorie-burning extra-curricular activities, now would be an ideal time to start. Whether it’s barre or boxercise, at the gym or via the wonderful world of virtual workouts, sign your bridesmaids up to join you and it won’t feel like a chore. Dubai-based yoga teacher, Dina Ghandour offers a brilliant array of online workshops as well as far-flung wellness retreats.

If you’re considering having professional teeth whitening for the very first time, Dr Sofia Aravopoulou suggests having the treatment a few months before your big day and that the best option is to do a combination of in-office whitening, and an at-home kit for the longest-lasting results. She explains, “Results vary depending on the current colour of the patient’s enamel and dentin — so it may take a few sessions to get the exact whiteness the bride desires.” Dr Sophia continues, “If we start the in-office process well in advance, the bride can then just have a touch-up the week before the wedding either at the clinic, or by using an at-home tray kit.”

When it comes to Botox, as with any cosmetic procedure, a consultation to discuss your desired results is needed first. “The dosage used, whether light or full, depends on each individual’s case, and how deep her lines are,” Explains Dr Dany Kayle, Founder of Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic ( “We recommend having the treatment three-to-four weeks before any big event, such as a wedding — this is in case we need to do a touch-up after the first treatment, because the full effect of Botox takes up to five days to show.”

Waxing or self-tanning can be left until the days running up to your wedding — assuming you’ve tried the services before. If not, try both treatments well in advance to ensure you don’t have a reaction, and that you are happy with the results. “Waxing should be done three days before your wedding.” Advises Founder of Twiink Studios, Miko Su ( And when it comes to the perfect golden glow, “Two days before the wedding would be the best time for a professional spray tan.” Recommends Kate Darling, founder of That Hair Tho ( Both experts agree that the best thing you can do to prepare your skin is to exfoliate using an oil-free gentle body scrub, or an exfoliating glove.

Anything you wear in your hair will affect your beauty look. Dubai-based celebrity and bridal hair and make-up artist, Angélique Turner, ( suggests arranging trials with professional make-up artists and stylists as soon as you’ve decided on your big-day fashion look. “Many artists, including myself, get booked months in advance so the sooner you arrange a trial the better. My advice for brides? Focus on a look that not only represents you at your best, but one that is classic, avoids trends and is something you’ll be happy to see in a photograph 30 years from now. Above all, a bride should go with a beauty look that makes her feel amazing walking down the aisle.”

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