7 Of The Best TV Shows To Watch This Ramadan

BY Yasmine Eissa / May 1 2018 / 17:55 PM

The most talked about shows to have on your radar

7 Of The Best TV Shows To Watch This Ramadan

Awalem Khafeya starring Adel Imam
With top billing names including Heba Magdy, Bouchra, Mai Selim and Salah Abdallah, alongside several superstar guest appearances, Adel Imam’s drama is an eagerly awaited series. Playing the role of a high-profile journalist, Adel’s character finds the diary of a celebrity who allegedly commits suicide. In his quest to find out the facts – was it suicide or murder? – Adel and his assistant, played by Heba, are confronted by a series of events that put their lives in danger. What price truth?

Nesr Al Sa’id starring Mohamed Ramadan and Dorra Zarrouk
When Mohamed Ramadan, a Sa’idi policeman, falls in love with Fairouz (played by Dorra), an artist from higher social standing, they refuse to let class and background build up barriers around their feelings. After moving to Upper Egypt, action, drama and romance ensue, as do deadly conflicts with a dictatorial character played by Sayed Ragab, meaning it’s an on-the-edge-of-your-seat series that will have you hooked from start to finish.

Abu Omar Al Masry starring Ahmed Ezz
Set in the ’90s, this action-drama focuses around Fakhr Al Din, a lawyer fighting for the rights of the impoverished. Having fallen in love with Sherine, a girl from a higher social class, the differences between them prevent a marriage, and the couple’s lives follow different paths – Sherine marrying a diplomat and Fakhr travelling to France and falling in love. While fate intervenes to bring them together once more, and their love story reignites, the complexities of circumstance mean nothing comes easy, with death, depression and prison all looming on the horizon. With an all-star cast that includes Ahmed Ezz, Arwa Gouda and Amal Bou Shousha, this is a riveting series layered with love yet dripping with drama.

Ikhtefaa starring Nelly Karim
This is social drama viewing at its most suspenseful. Nelly Karim plays  a wife in search of her writer husband who has disappeared, but whilst uncovering the truth, she comes face to face with a series of events that change everything she thought she knew. Throw in Hisham Selim, Mohamed Mamdooh and Basma and let your TV addiction commence.

Yousra in Ladayna Aqwal Okhra
When Egyptian icon Yousra lends her name to a project, it’s one the entire Arab world wants to watch. Her Ramadan 2018 TV thriller, Ladayna Aqwal Okhra, is no different. As a law consultant, Yousra’s character is brought on board to tackle a case, learning along the way that you shouldn’t judge a person by the situations they go through or what you see, but by who a person truly is. Cryptic? Well, to tell you more would ruin the suspense, but with director Mohamed Ali on board, writer Amin Gamal, and a cast that boasts Salma Abou Deif, Sherine Reda and Naglaa Badr, you know you’re in very safe hands.

Taye3 starring Amr Youssef
For the first time, we see Amr Youssef  in the role of A Sa’idi, a man faced with multiple dilemmas that he needs to overcome, including revenge, smuggling and love. Set in Upper Egypt, the film cast includes Amr Abdel Gelil and Saba Mubarak, is written by Khaled Diab and his siblings, produced by Magnum and directed by rising star Amr Salama in his TV series debut, Taye3 is a must-watch for the talent alone.

Bel Hagm Al 3a’ili starring Yehia El Fakharany
When actor Yehia El Fakharany lends his name to a series, you know it’ll be worth the wait. This social family drama boasts a crack team of talent, as it’s written by Mohamed Ragaa, produced by Square Media and directed by Hala Khalil. El Fakarany is also joined by a huge cast of stars, including Mervat Amin, Yosra El Lozy and Ahmed Magdy. In this must-see drama that tackles family-related issues, a father (who’s an ex ambassador) has been living away from his wife and four children, and decides to leave his diplomatic life to pursue his passion of cooking and hosting people in a hotel he owns in Marsa Alam. When his wife and children come to visit,  he gradually begins  to realise that his so-called ‘perfect’ family might not be quite as perfect as his wife has lead him to believe, which is when the drama starts to unfold.