Amal Clooney Criticises Donald Trump’s Attitude Towards Media

BY Rohma Theunissen / Feb 18 2020 / 11:38 AM

The recently appointed UK Envoy on Media Freedom speaks out against the suppression of media by world leaders

Amal Clooney Criticises Donald Trump’s Attitude Towards Media
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International human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney has criticised Donald Trump’s treatment of the media in a recent interview with The Guardian. Amal, who was appointed to the role of UK Envoy on Media Freedom in April 2019, has spoken out against the harassment, censorship and wrongful treatment of members of press and has called upon democracies around the world to support the freedom and rights of journalists.  "There is safety in numbers,” said the lawyer. “So that is why this needs international sign-up."

“Some of the language used about journalists by authoritarian leaders is inspired by the language that came from the US president,” stated Amal within the interview. "If world leaders are becoming more united and more innovative in finding ways to silence the press, shouldn’t we as defenders of the press do the same,” she continued.

Amal was hand-picked for the role by the UK’s Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt who enlisted the prolific lawyer’s support as part of his campaign to highlight assaults and restrictions on journalists globally. At the G7 foreign ministers meeting in France, Amal outlined her ambition to develop more effective legal initiatives to implement a more effective international response to attacks on media freedom.

“Autocrats hold dear control of the media,” said Amal. “All I can do as a human rights lawyer is keep trying to move an issue further up the to-do list and keep pushing so where a country is wavering they are more likely to do something than not. "

The lawyer explained that her focus is not to target countries, but to prevent individuals from penalising or hindering journalists for doing their jobs. The lawyer admitted that although the current human rights landscape is “pretty bleak”, she also resolutely affirmed that “this is certainly not the time to give up the fight.”

Donald Trump has not commented on Amal’s criticism yet but given the outspoken nature of the UA President, we feel it is only a matter of time that he will express his opinion on the matter.  Watch this space for updates…