Dubai Is Hosting A Huge Music Festival To End Global Poverty Later This Year

BY Kasia Truscott / Jan 23 2020 / 11:30 AM

Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream is set to take place across six continents on September 26, 2020

Dubai Is Hosting A Huge Music Festival To End Global Poverty Later This Year

Dubai has just been named as the seventh city to host Global Goal Live: The Possible Dream, an epic global music festival being planned across six continents later this year, in the hopes of bringing an end to global poverty. The 10-hour music marathon is also being held in New York City, Seoul and Lagos, as well as unannounced cities in Europe and Latin America. 

Non-profit organisation Global Citizen are the organisers behind the ambitious event. Scheduled to take place on Saturday 26 September, 2020, their aim is to encourage the world's governments, corporations, philanthropists and ultimately, global citizens, to take action towards ending poverty and tackling the climate crisis in which our generation is currently facing. 


The global line-up so far includes the likes of Coldplay, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Miley Cyrus and Pharrel Williams, with many more to be announced in the coming weeks. Hosts for the thrilling event currently see Idris Elba, Katie Holmes, Trevor Noah and Hugh Jackman all in attendance.

We'll be waiting with baited breath until the full line-up of artists and hosts for the exhilarating concert in Dubai is revealed...


Good music for a good cause? We've never heard anything better. 

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