Mona Kattan On Why Scent Matters When in Self-Isolation

BY Anushé Samee / Apr 19 2020 / 17:05 PM

The co-founder of Kayali reveals her tips on how to use fragrance to elevate your mood and improve productivity while working from home

Mona Kattan On Why Scent Matters When in Self-Isolation

In an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 most of us find ourselves spending more time inside and working from home - and less time around other people. Though only a few weeks of lockdown have passed you might have noticed that it can be difficult to maintain a strong work ethic, let alone make yourself up every single morning.

Mona Kattan is way ahead of the game. As the co-founder of Kayali, a Dubai-based fragrance company, she knows a thing or two about the physiological aspect of scent and how it can impact one’s mood. When it comes to using fragrance to boost productivity and lift your spirits while at home in lockdown, Mona can recommend the best scents for the job.

She shares her tips on how to boost productivity when working from home with Bazaar here - and it all comes down to smelling divine, even if you don't plan on leaving your home any time soon.

Everyone is unique, especially in terms of fragrance preferences. How can each individual find the scent that boosts their productivity?

I agree that we all have different tastes, but I think there are a lot of fragrances that naturally make people feel energized. These scents are usually citrus flavors, like orange or lemon. Anything that’s very zesty naturally makes you feel energized, so those fragrances are always a great option to wake yourself up in the morning with or if you want to feel more productive throughout the day.

There’s no book that tells people which fragrances they’ll like; you have to experiment. The more you experiment, the more you understand yourself, your palette and what works for you (and what you don’t like).

Kayali Citrus, 08 Eau De Parfum, Dhs473,

Which scents do you usually reach for when you are feeling under stress or anxious?

Anything with lavender or jasmine; I love both of those scents. When they’re mixed together it’s really beautiful, relaxing and calming. Lemongrass really reminds me of the spa, so naturally when I smell it I start to feel a little bit more relaxed.

In a time where everyone is practicing social distancing, why should we still wear fragrances?

Even if you’re staying at home and using candles or home fragrances, I would still use perfume. I’ve been wearing perfume every single day since the age of 14, because it makes me feel really good.

There’s a big difference when I take the time to do my rituals of layering my fragrances. It makes me feel like I did something for myself and while we’re at home, smelling good for yourself makes such a difference and brightens up your day – or night! Last night I sprayed my pillow with some relaxing fragrances that were so beautiful.

Now is the time to spend more time on yourself, as we’re normally always on the go and it can be tough to prioritize these things.

This interview was edited for clarity. 

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