Watch | Quarantined Italians Are Singing To Each Other On Balconies

BY Lara Bazzoui / Mar 15 2020 / 11:49 AM

By embracing the spirit of “Andrà tutto bene” - everything will be all right - Italians are coming together to overcome the most difficult of times through cheer and song

Watch | Quarantined Italians Are Singing To Each Other On Balconies

Italy is one of the countries currently at core of the coronavirus pandemic with a crippling number of infected patients which has caused the whole country to shutdown. With over 60 million people quarantined at home, one would imagine that the streets of Italy would be struck in silence with people quietly hidden away at home. But, this is far from how the Italians are coping with the crisis that has suddenly hit their country. Amongst the fear and anxiety, Italians are demonstrating just how hope and support can help in overcoming even the darkest of times by singing beloved patriotic and uplifting songs to spread strength and cheer across the towns. The windows are open and the balconies filled with people dancing and singing across Italian cities and towns; replacing isolation with good natured spirit. 

Videos of the Italian's incredible resilience have gone viral as they are a demonstration to the world of how people can find ways to still be positive and joyous even in the direst of cicumstances. Hope takes center stage; with this mindset, it is evident that Italy will regenerate into an even stronger country setting the tone for how the rest of the world should handle the devastating pandemic.

Italy has reminded us of humanity's complexity and beauty at the very moments we need it most.

Be cautious and be safe and remember we are all in this together.