This Online Interior Brand Will Turn You Into A Designer

BY Reefaya Noortaj / Apr 25 2020 / 15:00 PM

Budding homegrown brand Custom No. 9 has launched an immersive made-to-order e-commerce experience for décor and furniture enthusiasts

This Online Interior Brand Will Turn You Into A Designer

Founded by Dubai-based entrepreneur Amy Grace Mill, homegrown furniture brand Custom No.9 focuses on tailor-made interior pieces with one sole mission: to end mass production and modernise bespoke customisation. The brand believes that every space, whatever it may be, should have a personal story and connection with its occupants.

Furniture should be viewed for long-term purposes and should reflect personalities. Custom No.9 recently launched an enveloping made-to-order, e-commerce experience. The online platform enables customers to build their own 3D digital design, which can be brought to life through an immersive experience.

“The launch is just the beginning, and we are already thinking of new designs and materials to ensure the site will constantly evolve,” explains Mill. “Our goal is to ensure the experience is completely different each time a customer visits the site.”

‘The Meraki Collection’ features over 200 variations of size, top materials, steel leg designs and colour options to build a 3D piece of furniture. Beautiful materials such as Terrazzo, Aerestone or Bianco Volakas white marble, Nero Marquina black marble and Oak Veneer are included. The manufacturing process of 3D model mock-up pieces desired by online shoppers ranges from three to four weeks.

“I wanted to build an interactive digital experience that puts the customer at the helm of design,” says Mill, outlining the motivation behind the brand’s transition into the digital realm.  “It’s all about empowerment and creativity, and with our expertly engineered table frames and top materials, this is exactly what we are offering.” A highlight of the online shop is that it’s set to give customers the opportunity to browse from their locally-produced, sustainable home décor and furniture pieces, which shed light on new trends, colourways and an inspiration board.

As the brand’s bold move into the online world initiates a new chapter, Custom No.9 continues to strive by staying true to its original mission - the quest to prove that individuality and storytelling starts at home.

Image Courtesy of Custom No.9