24 Hours With... Bibiona's Co-Founder & Creative Director, Diora Usmanova

BY Nina Catt / Apr 11 2020 / 17:00 PM

Bazaar Junior takes a detailed look inside a typical day of the perfectly polished mother and business owner

24 Hours With... Bibiona's Co-Founder & Creative Director, Diora Usmanova

5:30 A.M. I’m an early riser. I begin my day with a morning prayer, then go back to sleep. I check my messages and emails on my iPhone which is not the best habit to have first thing in the morning — I am trying to stop but I know a lot of other working mothers who do the same.

6:45 A.M. I wake up my son and daughter and prepare their breakfast. We sit together and I sip my hot Chinese rice tea. I’m not a big coffee drinker.

8:00 A.M. I wake my husband up after I drop the children off to school and I make him breakfast. Every morning I have a chat with myself in the mirror and I tell myself that this day will not happen again, so why not make the most of it, be grateful, feel blessed and be happy? And of course, be as productive as I can.

9:00 A.M. I start preparing for my work day. My morning regime is quite fast. After my husband leaves for work, I jump in the shower. My all-time favourite product is L’Occitane Almond shower oil. I definitely dress by my mood and I always keep comfort in mind, so you will never see me in an uncomfortable dress with 4-inch heels during the day! I adore Bottega Veneta. I like to listen to Arabic music while I get ready. I usually dedicate my early morning hours to my family and the remaining hours I prefer to work from home to have some alone time before entering into the busy world of Bibiona and living in between two cities (Istanbul and Moscow).

Almond Shower Oil, Dhs119, L'Occitane

12:00P.M. I arrive to work, I chat with the team and go over our daily tasks and what we have planned for the week and how much we have accomplished from our list. My work is mostly creative, so I tend to avoid splitting my day or dividing it as this disrupts my creativity. I am very much a team player, we are a fun team of 50, composed of the atelier seamstresses and management.

4:00 P.M. This is when I have my first meal which is usually tuna or salmon tartare with avocado. I am a very strong believer of intermittent fasting and I practice this way of dieting, religiously.

Bibiona S/S20

7:00 P.M. Time for my second meal of the day. This is usually a huge tomato salad with a side of bread and butter. Very filling and yummy at the same time.

7:30P.M. I leave work in a very cheerful mood. Working with children and meeting young customers every day when they come into our atelier to fit for their couture pieces is a blessing. This is truly my dream job and I couldn’t ask for more. To wind down from the day I like to watch my children fall asleep and then have a chat with my husband about life and nothing to do with work, or any topics that are stress-related.

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11:00 P.M. I get into bed around this time. I am currently reading a great book called Zen and the Art of Happiness. I've recommended it to all of my friends.

Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss, Dhs75

From the spring/summer 2020 issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia Junior