7 Expert Tips for Creating An Instagram-Worthy Children’s Room

BY Nina Catt / Feb 11 2020 / 13:41 PM

Dubai-based interior stylist, Emilie Jacob, shares her secrets for creating a stylish, yet practical space…

7 Expert Tips for Creating An Instagram-Worthy Children’s Room
Stella + The Stars

When it comes to styling children’s rooms, 37-year-old co-founder of interior design studio, Stella + the Stars, Emilie Jacob, knows a thing or two about creating the perfect space. Here, the interior stylist and mother of two sits down with BAZAAR Junior to share her top tips...

1. Use colour to add personality. My number one rule when it comes to decorating children’s rooms — or any room really — is to look at adding colour. It’s also a really great way to get your little ones involved. Once you have your colour scheme, you can start building around it. It’s probably the cheapest and most transformative way to add personality to a room. If painting walls is not an option, you can easily add colour with accessories, soft furnishings, furniture and bedding. The list is endless. 

2. Add pizzaz to the walls. An alternative to repainting walls is to dress them up with temporary and affordable options like removable wallpaper, murals or wall stickers. You don’t need to cover an entire room, you could focus on one statement wall. For a playroom we created, we commissioned the wonderful Dubai-based supplier, PaperPop, to custom make an incredible jungle mural for our little clients who chose every single animal on the design.

3. Use smart storage. Many new mums vow to only have beautiful wooden toys. The problem is that kids (or at least mine!) usually love toys that are either ugly or made of not-so-chic plastic. The solution? Embrace it but hide it. We use a lot of IKEA smart storage pieces mixed with beautiful yet practical custom-made shelves to display cute toys and books.

4. Get arty. Hang prints, posters, sculptures and animal heads. I love the idea of having kid’s masterpieces repurposed into lovely framed prints or a collage. 

5. Zone out the space. When little people get older it’s a good idea to clearly separate sleeping, playing, reading and homework areas to make the most of the room and avoid mess. Kids also like having boundaries and 
assigning different areas to different activities is a great way to give them a bit of structure. 

6. Choose child-friendly floors. The reality of living in the Middle East means there’s a high chance you have tiled floors in your home that may not be to your taste. Using rugs and mats is a simple way to hide tiles without damaging your existing floors. Rugs add colour, texture and warmth to a room. 

7. Mix old and new. Using existing pieces such as sentimental objects and mixing them with brand new furniture and accessories is the perfect way to create really special spaces with lots of character. 

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