Nike's New York Show Was An Ode To Sustainability

BY Anna Castan Tomas / Feb 10 2020 / 18:25 PM

Nike's massive show unofficially kicked off New York Fashion Week two days ahead of schedule with an inspiring agenda that introduced the brand's new zero carbon design philosophy

Nike's New York Show Was An Ode To Sustainability

Global sportswear giant Nike unofficially kicked off New York Fashion Week two days ahead of schedule with a massive runway show at the Shed venue in Hudson Yards. The event brought to life Nike’s latest endeavours which include luxe fashion-led collaborations as well its vision for the forthcoming 2020 Olympics games.

The iconic event debuted over 140 looks which showcased Nike’s impressive range offering: from collaborations with Sacai and Virgil Abloh to new sneakers such as Nike Air Zoom Mercurial football cleat, the Nike Air Zoom Victory and Viperfly. Fashion and function came together in a technologically-driven manner that is emblematic of the brand.

The star-studded front row at the Nike show

But the real star of the show was Nike’s tale of sustainability and the brand’s complete and total devotion to the cause. Nike’s 2020 Olympics uniforms were carefully developed using 100 percent recycled materials, an ingenious tactic to driving home the urgency of protecting the future of the planet on the world’s biggest sporting stage. The Nike Air Vapormax was given an environmentally-friendly new update, demonstrating that style and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive. And just when everyone was lauding the brand for its sustainability agenda, Nike introduced the game-changing Space Hippie sneaker.

Developed completely out of scrap material from Nike’s factories, Space Hippie pays tribute to Nike’s new design movement which focuses on a zero carbon philosophy. To develop the sneaker, Nike cushioned used foam scraps from factory floors to cushion recycled yarn and purposely left the soles undyed to reduce their carbon footprint, and to also intentionally redefine the existing notion of luxury with rawthentic modernity.

Nike's Space Hippie sneakers

“Space Hippy is the pinnacle expression of the palette of our sustainable materials – but they’re scalable across the whole company,” explained Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, Nike’s Sustainability Design Lead. “It’s a wild manifestation, but one that creates tools that everyone can use.”

The exciting event brought together a high-profile audience which consisted of the biggest names in the international sports, fashion and entertainment industries. The stage was set and the message clear: sustainability is the only way forward and Nike is fully invested, you should be too.

The show featured over 140 Nike looks

Images courtesy of Nike & Jinane Ennasri