Eposa Creates An Enchanted Garden To Empower Assault Survivors

BY Shivani Mathur / Oct 26 2019 / 15:31 PM

Butterflies for hope

Eposa Creates An Enchanted Garden To Empower Assault Survivors

The Beirut and Dubai based bridal boutique Esposa, the brand that Mona Kattan recently did a Bridal campaign for, has launched a beautiful initiative in support of assault survivors. In partnership with ABAAD: Lebanon’s Resource Centre for Gender Equality: ABAAD, the project aims to urge women to speak up against assault, providing them a platform to do so.

The process involved the team approaching assault survivors personally and having them share their story, consequently destigmatising conversations surrounding the subject matter. The women then created their own butterflies which were then digitally duplicated to create 12,000 copies to fill the boutique store in Beirut

More about ABAAD 

It’s a non-profit association that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the MENA region.
ABAAD seeks to promote women’s equality and participation through policy development, legal reform, gender mainstreaming, engaging men, eliminating discrimination, and advancing and empowering women to participate effectively and fully in their communities.