Exclusive: NET-A-PORTER's International Women's Day Collection Celebrates Incredible Women

BY Lara Bazzoui / Mar 1 2020 / 11:37 AM

20 incredible women come together to create a powerful collection that gives back 100% of sales proceeds to support women living in war-torn countries

Exclusive: NET-A-PORTER's International Women's Day Collection Celebrates Incredible Women

NET-A-PORTER has always been treasured for its innate appreciation of women and with Women’s Day approaching on the 8th of March the brand has released a powerful collection that celebrates the very essense of being a woman.

Signalling 20 years of NET-A-PORTER, the collection features 20 exclusive designed by 20 of the industry's leading designers and brands who created meaningful designs which reflected their personal interpretation of women's empowerment and strength. Expect to discover statement t-shirts from Stella McCartney, Gabriela Hearst, ALEXACHUNG, Isabel Marant, Amina Muaddi, Carine Roitfeld, Jimmy Choo, ROTATE, Bernadette, Rosie Assoulin, STAUD, The Attico, The Range, The Frankie Shop, GANNI, Nanushka, Charlotte Tilbury, Cecilie Bahnsen, Roxanne Assoulin, alongside a NET-A-PORTER x Ninety Percent collaboration.

Stella McCartney

It is the third year that Net-A-Porter has partnered with Women for Women International, who have worked since 1993 and have helped over half a million women creating extreme changes in their communities and lives. 100% of proceeds from the sales of the t-shirts will be donated to the charity which helps women living in war-torn countries to rebuild their lives. 

“Our International Women’s Day campaign perfectly embodies the sentiment that so much can be achieved when women come together. 20 years of NET-A-PORTER and 20 awe-inspiring designers, standing alongside women who are often forgotten and left behind after experiencing indescribable trauma. We are so grateful to everyone involved and this year hope to raise enough funds to transform the lives of hundreds more women survivors of war,” said Brita Fernandez Schmidt, Vice President for Europe & External Relations, Women for Women International

 Halima Aden wearing The Range.

“It’s such an honour to work with NET-A-PORTER on this campaign to support Women for Women International.  Jimmy Choo has always celebrated women, we strive for our designs to help them stand out with confidence in their everyday lives. The tshirt design is an irreverent wordplay on CHOO with a call to action to support the sisterhood of women across the world.” - Sandra Choi, JIMMY CHOO


“GANNI is about more than just clothes, it’s a state of mind. We’re a brand for women, by women. Every day I’m surrounded by a team of strong and aspirational women - supporting female empowerment comes naturally, it's just what we do. #GANNIGirls is plural for a reason, it means so much to see a movement of women all over the world connect to what we do. We’re a community all about dressing for yourself and no-one else and feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. We want to help women feel like they are capable of anything. Right now, there’s so much unfinished business for gender equality. We’ve got to stick together.  When womenunite as a team, we can’t be stopped.” - Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI

Claire Danes wearing Roxanne Assoulin

"I’m honored to be included in this important initiative that supports International Women's Day and helps women living in war-torn countries to rebuild their lives, alongside a lineup of wonderful female designers. This t-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and acts as a call for action for women to stand together not only against climate change, but together as a team in everyday life. We must support and empower each other, and provide encouragement to the women around us. I feel most powerful as a woman when I’m being honest and when I’m not compromising who I am." - Stella McCartney

“I think it’s a shame that today, social networks have created an environment of eternal comparisons and competitiveness, especially between women. Instead of comparing ourselves, why not encourage one another? I imagined a t-shirt that is a spontaneous compliment to the inner and outer beauty of the women of our everyday lives, without conditions, without criteria. It's a feeling that has been with me throughout my life, and that I have always expressed in my work.”- Carine Roitfeld

Michelle Dockery wearing Isabel Marant

“For me, kindness is a priority. It’s how we treat ourselves, others, and nature. It’s should sit at the core of all our relationships. I do believe that humans find their greatest joy in helping others. Sometimes we just need a reminder. We hope that this t-shirt can be just that.” - Roxanne Assoulin

“Inspired by the famous expression, where the phrase is used to wish good luck before facing life-altering challenges, I wanted to create an empowering and encouraging message for all women around the world to remind them of their inner force and female power to overcome their obstacles.” - Sandra Sandor, Nanushka

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Images courtesy of NET-A-PORTER