Celine Gifted The Biebers Something Seriously Cool For Their Wedding

BY Sara AlHumiri / Oct 6 2019 / 16:27 PM

And we're jealous

Celine Gifted The Biebers Something Seriously Cool For Their Wedding

Usually your wedding gift registry consists of a fancy vase, a new toaster or maybe even the latest advanced blending machine. But, have you ever heard of a bedazzled custom-made designer leather jacket as a wedding gift?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber, Hollywood's latest newly-weds, held the ultimate star-studded second wedding of the season last week, filled with friends family and love in South Carolina. The celebrity couple received two biker jackets as one of their more unique wedding gifts, made by Celine's artistic director, Heidi Slimane.

With bedazzled studs on the back spelling out 'Husband' and 'Wife', the couple won't be forgetting this memorable occasion any time soon. The stylish leather jackets incorporate zips on the sleeves and on the back of the pieces, as if it couldn't get any cooler with the diamond-lettering. If you're having trouble trying to buy any newly-weds a perfect gift, the Bieber's have once again given us a solution.

The couple loved these sleek designer gifts so much that the bride, Hailey Bieber, rocked it with her white elegant wedding reception gown. We live for this look...

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Something blue, something old, something borrowed, and now...something leather.