Net-a-Porter Launch A New Platform To Champion Sustainable Fashion Brands

BY Milli Midwood / Jun 18 2019 / 18:55 PM

Net Sustain is where we’ll be shopping from now on

Net-a-Porter Launch A New Platform To Champion Sustainable Fashion Brands
Photographer Ben Weller and model Vivian Solari, the creatives behind the Net Sustain campaign shoot, are both environmental advocates

From the harmful microfibres that are released into the oceans to garments filling up landfill and emitting harmful greenhouse gases like methane, it’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. But the lexicon surrounding eco-friendly and ethical fashion has gained monumental traction over the last couple of years. And this week Net-a-Porter has become the latest company to tackle environmental issues with the launch of their new online platform Net Sustain. The luxury e-commerce site aims to use Net Sustain to highlight and profile sustainable fashion brands who are doing their bit to encourage a positive change. 

Net Sustain will launch with a curated edit of 500 products from 26 designers. Every item and brand on the platform meets one or more of five key sustainability attributes required by Net-a-Porter, including reducing waste in their supply chain, taking into account human, animal and environmental welfare and generally using best practices within the fashion and beauty industry.

"This is an important milestone in our sustainability journey at Net-a-Porter,” says Global Buying Director, Elizabeth von der Goltz. “Our sustainable edit provides our customers with the knowledge they need, understanding that they can trust that these brands have been carefully reviewed and meet our criteria for inclusion. Our aim is to give a voice to the brands that are truly making positive changes by providing them with a platform to highlight their best practice.”

Shoppers can expect exclusive capsule collections from Mother of Pearl x BBC Earth and Maggie Marilyn and, of course, fashion’s sustainable veteran Stella McCartney.

Even the campaign shoot to mark the launch of Net Sustain was done with careful consideration for the environment. Photographer Ben Weller and model Vivian Solari have a strict no-plastic policy on set and both strive to reduce travel in a bid to reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions.