This Brand Just Created A Game-Changing Accessory For Your Hijab

BY Milli Midwood / Dec 11 2018 / 14:07 PM

“Our entire collection sold out within a matter of days.”

This Brand Just Created A Game-Changing Accessory For Your Hijab
Haute Hijab

Back in January, New York-based brand Haute Hijab released the first-ever collection of luxury hijabs, boasting a line of hand-crafted pieces made from 100-percent silk, Swarovski crystals, lace and other luxury embellishments. Fast-forward a year, and the brand has released another game-changing accessory for Muslim women.

Haute Hijab founder Melanie Elturk and Creative Director Gizelle Begler have created a line of under-hijab scarves, named The Ultimate Underscarf. “We infused fabric and technology into under scarves, a piece worn under the hijab to keep it in place and/or contain hair,” Melanie tells Bazaar.

“Not only did we elevate the design, but we utilized tech-fabric with anti-bacterial properties, built-in SPF, superior breathability and temperature-regulating properties to address issues many Muslim women experienced with the age-old design. Our entire collection sold out within a matter of days.”

Haute Hijab The Ultimate Underscarf

Four reasons to love The Ultimate Underscarf

Breathability – “Hair loss and tension headaches were of the most common complaints we heard from Muslim women who wear under scarves, which makes absolute sense if you look at the old design on the market. It's tight and made of a terrible synthetic that doesn't allow your hair or scalp to breath. Breathability was our first and foremost goal. We custom-made our own tech fabric from bamboo to address these issues and maximize breathability.”

Anti-Bacterial Properties – “Another issue that came up over and over again during market research was acne, particularly along the hairline where the under scarf is worn. This is mainly due to sweating that occurs along the hairline. Anti-bacterial properties infused in the bamboo help address this issue.”

UPF 50 – “We made sure we used fabric with built-in UPF to protect the face and head from the harmful effects of UV rays.”

Temperature Regulation – “The Pyratex tech-fabric we utilized is temperature-regulated to cool down whenever you're heating up and vies-versa when your body temperature drops. When you hold the under scarf in your hands, it is immediately cool to touch and the more you rub your hands together, the more you feel the cooling effect as the friction generates heat. It's incredible for women in hot temperatures like Dubai.”

Haute Hijab The Ultimate Underscarf

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