You Can Now Get Your Reeboks Personalised In Dubai By A Modern-Day Picasso

BY Milli Midwood / Jul 11 2019 / 14:10 PM

"The best thing was being able to create without limits"

You Can Now Get Your Reeboks Personalised In Dubai By A Modern-Day Picasso
Courtesy of Reebok
Reebok shoes adorned by Troy Cole

Reebok has just launched its very first 'Fit Hub' concept store in Dubai Mall, for art and sport aficionados alike. In celebration of the newly opened store, the sports brand has partnered up with sneaker artist and founder of Kickasso Kustoms, Troy Cole, to offer customised services to shoppers at zero cost.

The artist has worked with some of the most influential athletes around the world including David Beckham, Dwyane Wade and Chris Johnson. All the way from Los Angeles, Cole is in town for a short two days but we need not sweat - the newly launched store will house a range of Reebok Classic Leather, Club C and Aztrek sneakers pre-designed by the artist.

A Reebok shoe adorned by Troy Cole. Courtesy of Reebok and the artist

We sat down with the LA-based sneaker artist - widely known as 'Kickasso' - for an exclusive inside into his inspirations, challenges and his capsule collection for Dubai.

What is it about the UAE that you love?
I honestly don’t know yet as this will be my first time - it’s my first time traveling to a foreign country. I’ve never been outside of the United States let alone in the Middle East. I’m excited to be exploring the world, starting with Dubai. I’m looking forward to experiencing the culture and meeting the people.

How do you think your art, the Reebok brand & the Middle East all go hand-in-hand?
Colour. I love colour and I love being different. Fashion is huge in Dubai so to be able to add my stamp on things for Reebok is something that I’m very excited for.

What do you recommend to customers when they're deciding what personalisation to go for? How do you help them decide?
I just listen and try to get the essence of what they want. I point them toward ideas that work well with the shoe they choose. Ultimately, it’s about creating something that has meaning to the person and really shows their personality.

Troy Cole in action. Courtesy of Reebok and the artist

Your favourite sneaker you've ever worked on?
I love them all as they all tell a different story and are important to the individual.

What was the best thing about designing the artwork for this capsule collection? What was the most challenging thing?
The best thing was being able to create without limits. Every design has its challenges - whether it’s a tight time frame, or understanding an individual or culture - but that’s what makes it fun and interesting. Things take time to be able to create the best design. 

What are you most looking forward to about flying to Dubai with Reebok to launch their store in The Dubai Mall?
I can’t wait to experience the culture! It will be my first time visiting the Middle East so there is a lot I want to see and experience. I’ve been checking out places online and the fact that I am working with a huge brand like Reebok is something really exciting.

The new Reebok concept store is located on the first floor of Dubai Mall. Troy Cole will will be visiting from 11 until 12 July 2019 between 6:00pm and 9:00pm.

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