Introducing: Atelier Louis Vuitton's Sneaker Trunk and Sneaker Box

BY Sara AlHumiri / Dec 9 2019 / 15:01 PM

Dear Santa...

Introducing: Atelier Louis Vuitton's Sneaker Trunk and Sneaker Box
Louis Vuitton

As a part of Art Basel week in Miami, Atelier Louis Vuitton presented 'Objets Nomades' at the Miami Design District a couple of days ago. A limited edition collection of rare furniture pieces and products thought up by some of the most inventive designers of our time - Patricia Urquiola, India Mahdavi, Atelier Oï, Atelier Biagetti etc.

With talent like this and Louis Vuitton's vision in mind, it's no surprise that the brand's savoir-faire came to life, creating a sneakerhead's ultimate dream collectibles: The LV monogrammed Sneaker Trunk and Sneaker Box. 

You'll never have to worry about your shoes getting dirtied or scratched with these unbelievably stylish trunks.

Handcrafted in the French designer's artisinal workshops, coated in LV's classic Monogram Eclipse canvas and lined with light grey microfiber, the Sneaker Trunk and Box were meticulously produced to transport your favourite pairs of shoes (in the most fashionable manner ofc). The Sneaker Trunk can even be customised, making the item itself one-of-a-kind and unique to your own preferences. 

This is a must-have item for any shoe-fanatic, especially sneakerheads.

And with all the shoe shopping that went on at Sole Dxb, we're sure you're running out of room in your closet.

Dear Santa....