Azza Fahmy Has A New Jewellery Collection At Bloomingdale’s Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / May 28 2018 / 16:06 PM

Bazaar spoke to Amina Ghali, Head Designer at the Egyptian jewellery house, about the exclusive collection and the global inspirations behind their creations

Azza Fahmy Has A New Jewellery Collection At Bloomingdale’s Dubai
Azza Fahmy
Gypsy earrings, Dhs10,700, and Gypsy cuff, Dhs35,000 Azza Fahmy at Bloomingdale's Dubai
Azza Fahmy Has A New Jewellery Collection At Bloomingdale’s Dubai
Azza Fahmy
Gypsy necklace, Dhs35,000, Azza Fahmy at Bloomingdale's Dubai

Earlier this month Azza Fahmy launched their 14-piece “Gypsy” capsule collection, exclusively available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai and featuring large statement cuffs and necklaces with elegant earrings and rings.


Gypsy cuff, Dhs22,100, Azza Fahmy at Bloomingdale's Dubai

Speaking to Bazaar about the collection’s namesake, Head Designer Amina Ghali explains, “This year we have been influenced by female power and I particularly see this theme within gypsy communities. They’ve always had such freedom and flaunted their culture with no shame or taboo. I see today’s younger generation as modern day gypsies due to their strength and the way they travel, and I wanted these jewels to have a similar feeling of independence.”


Founder Azza Fahmy with her daughter and Head Designer Amina Ghali

Independence is a lesson that Amina learnt from her mother, the brand’s eponymous founder Azza Fahmy. “My mother involved my sister and me very early on in the business, going with her to exhibitions and setting up the booths,“ Amina recalls. “She would make us work in the workshop every summer for almost a month and a half.”


Gypsy necklace, Azza Fahmy at Bloomingdale's Dubai

“Because of this I always knew I had an artistic inclination, but I wasn’t sure whether this was towards jewellery or not. Then I took a year off before university to study contemporary jewellery at the Alchimia School in Italy, and I remember calling my mother after my first day in class saying ‘this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life.’ It was fate calling.”


Courtesy Azza Fahmy

Amina’s sister Fatma joined the company in 2001 as Managing Director and it has been a busy year for the duo, with their first London store opening in Mayfair’s Burlington Arcade. “This is a huge milestone for the brand and something we have dreamt about for quite some time,” Amina says. “We had to make sure it was the right location, and I love the Burlington Arcade because for me it is iconic London. It also reflects our brand identity, because we have our own heritage that we modernise for today.”


Gypsy ring, Dhs4,500, Azza Fahmy at Bloomingdale's Dubai

It is this sense of modernised heritage that Amina believes is key to the brand’s success. “Every piece tells a story and women connect to this. Whether they are drawn to a culture, a motif, or to a piece of poetry on one of our pieces, they are looking for that connection. And each piece is made by another human being, so that even if someone else is wearing the same design, it will still be a unique piece because of this.”


Courtesy Azza Fahmy

It is a trend that Amina sees across the world, helped in part by increasing global travel. “Every market is different and that’s why we spend a lot of time getting to know them," Amina explains. “The European woman, in general, will wear a lot more minimalistic jewellery than the Middle Eastern woman, but I think this is changing with time and travel. The world is like a small village now, and this goes back to the point about the modern day nomad.”

In spite of this increasingly global outlook, the Middle East remains an important market for the Egyptian jewellery house. “We’re always working on projects and there are a few exciting things coming up in terms of expansion,” Amina says. “But the Middle East and Egypt remain significant to Azza Fahmy from both a business and inspirational perspective. Here will always be home for us.”