Treat Yourself: The 7 Best Subscription Boxes in the UAE

BY Sonam Basantani / May 25 2020 / 09:30 AM

Whatever you do, don’t sign up for just any monthly subscription service without reading this first…

Treat Yourself: The 7 Best Subscription Boxes in the UAE

Whether it’s from a late-night shopping spree or simply stocking up on essentials, we all enjoy receiving parcels and deliveries in the mail. There’s just something so joyous about unboxing new purchases even if we know exactly what’s inside the wrapping – and with everything going on in the world right now, we shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging in any activities that make us feel a little bit giddy throughout the day.

From regular flower deliveries to a fresh set of pajamas every single month, Bazaar has rounded up a list of our seven favourite subscription services within the UAE.

PJs Every 30 Days

If you love to live in your pyjamas, then this subscription box is the one for you. Choose from a one-off delivery option, a rolling subscription or pay upfront for three or six months of sleepwear. At the end of the month, you’ll receive a package with your perfect pyjamas designed for ultimate comfort, along with four surprise pampering goodies (think bath bombs and face masks) to help you maximise your ‘me-time' at home.

From Dhs225/month,


Have a bouquet delivered directly from the farm right to your door in only a few clicks! Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries to have fresh flowers couriered straight to your door. Each thoughtfully packaged box delivered comes with super fresh blooms, details on how to care for them and a little guide on flower arrangement. 

From Dhs129,

Hello Chef

Become your own personal chef with Hello Chef's easy, delicious and healthy subscription boxes that deliver top of the line seasonal produce and ingredients right to your door. Select the recipes you want to try and subscribe to a weekly delivery service with everything you need to cook up a delicious meal. Hello Chef makes cooking so easy, not to mention down right tasty, you'll be foregoing that Thursday night takeaway in no time.


Wear That 

Definitely one for the fashionistas to try out. Wear That subscribers spend a one-time styling fee that goes towards all their future boxes, in order to have new clothing items sent directly to their doors.

Wondering exactly how it works? Once you've signed up, a personal stylist will get to know your taste in clothing before customizing the most perfect looks just for you. The looks will then be sent directly to your door. Keep and pay for the pieces you love and return the rest that aren’t right for your style. Easy-peasy and a great way to update your wardrobe without spending hours shopping online.


You Beaut

You Beaut is a beauty stylist service for both men and women that delivers carefully curated beauty products right to your home, based on your skin goals and budget.

Once you’ve shared all your details with the You Beaut team - like skin type, current routine and budget - a stylist will customise a personalised beauty box that will be delivered right to your doorstep. Each box contains samples for you to test out before committing to the full-size product. The subscriber pays and keeps what they like and can send back whatever products didn't make the cut at no extra cost. 


Ink Crate

A perfect subscription box for that special creative individual in your life. Ink Crate is a bi-monthly book and creativity box curated by JAF Ink. Each crate box contains a Book of the Month and plenty of other items to inspire your creativity. Subscribers can choose from the continuous subscription or a 3-month prepaid subscription.  

From Dhs280, JAF Ink

Mama’s Box

Mama's Box is a subscription service for all the yummy mummies out there! Each box is different and carefully handpicked to cater to your pregnancy stage or baby’s age and development. You can order a single box or sign up for a subscription ranging from three months to six to 12 months.

From Dhs275,

Lead image courtesy of instagram/hafsalodi

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