Gucci Presents ‘No Space, Just a Place’

BY Tanika D'Souza / May 14 2020 / 10:05 AM

Housed at the Daelim Museum in Seoul the exhibit is an exploration of authority, autonomy and alternativeness

Gucci Presents ‘No Space, Just a Place’

Inspired by Italian designer Alessandro Michele and organised by Gucci, 'No Space, Just a Place' showcases the work of 10 independent art spaces alongside artwork by local and international artists.

The large scale exhibition employs a trope of alternativeness through the portrayal and overt visibility of radical venues. In a bid to defy authority and question autonomy spaces such as Audio Visual Pavilion, Boan1942, and Hapjungjigu present alternative ideas about eterotopia; a place in which new narratives can be empowered.

Providing viewers with a range of commentary relative to the subject artist Sungsil Ryu, showcased by Boan1942, explores the notion of artificial paradise, while artist Kang Woohyeok from Post Territory Ujeongguk uses the possibility of owning land on the moon to explore the relationship between the real and the virtual, along with possessions and what we dream of possessing.

Maintaining a focus on new perspectives the exhibit runs alongside the work of local and international artists including Meriem Bennani, Olivia Erlanger and Cécile B. Evans, which feature immersive installations inspired by fantasy and myth explore challenging concepts of “otherness.” All of which, in conjunction with the presentation of space requires audiences to think about a different, and potentially more desirable future.

"The acknowledgment of the moment of great uncertainty that humanity is currently experiencing now further encourages reflections on alternative modes of being and consuming in relation to one’s environment," Gucci said of the exhibit. "Every project is thematically tied to the idea of the alternative spaces as a utopian place in which to set new empowering narratives, dwelling on the understanding of otherness, [and] the exploration of minority identities.”

For more information about Gucci's 'No Space, Just a Place' click here.

The museums opening times may be subject to change in order to comply with COVID-19 regulations and social distancing rules in South Korea. Harper’s Bazaar Arabia encourages everyone to stay home and stay safe during these challenging times.

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