D3 Fashion Designers Are Manufacturing PPE For Healthcare Workers

BY Sarah Joseph / Jun 1 2020 / 10:00 AM

Some of the region’s most famous fashion houses are teaming up with the Arab Fashion Council, in order to create personal protective equipment as part of the #AThread4Cause initiative

D3 Fashion Designers Are Manufacturing PPE For Healthcare Workers

Whether it’s creating face masks from scrap fabric or manufacturing hand sanitizers, fashion houses around the world have been doing whatever it takes in order to support frontline healthcare workers and stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Dubai Design District (D3) is proud to announce some of its most famous designers and fashion brands  – such as Michael Cinco, Maison Yeya and Amato – who will be taking part in the Arab Fashion Council’s #AThread4Cause initiative in a bid to support the local healthcare industry, by creating personal protective equipment (PPE) and surgical attire.

Emirati designer Yara Bin Shakar, Egyptian designer Marmar Halim, Arab-American designer Zaid Farouki and women’s clothing retailer Si Fashion will also join in on the initiative, with D3 acting as a distribution and storage centre for the equipment until it can be delivered.

“As the fashion capital of the Middle East, D3 is both humbled and delighted to support #AThread4Cause. These D3-based designersaim to aid the life-saving work of vital medical staff by contributing to the UAE’s stockpile of gowns and facemasks,” Executive Director of D3 Khadija Al Bastaki said.

“D3 is well placed to be able to cater to the needs of the local population, as well as export to the rest of the world, heralded by the strong logistics and infrastructure of Dubai. This will enable #AThread4Cause to quickly receive the PPE carefully produced by highly skilled, luxury fashion designers across the emirate.”

D3 has also partnered with a Dubai-based Saudi fabric manufacturer who will supply over four tonnes of technical fabric, as #AThread4Cause pledges to create 13,000 medical gowns to meet the needs of workers in the healthcare sector.

For more information on how you can get involved with the initiative visit arabfashioncouncil.com.

Lead image courtesy of instagram/maisonyeya

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