Adam-Brussels Design Museum Celebrates Designer Peter Ghyczy

BY Farah Abu-Zaid / Feb 4 2018 / 17:05 PM

The Belgian museum launches 50 Years of Functionalism, an exhibition commemorating the iconic designer’s stellar works that have influenced 20th century furniture design

Adam-Brussels Design Museum Celebrates Designer Peter Ghyczy
Photography by Lydie Nesvadba
Then and now images of German designer Peter Ghyczy with his Garden Egg Chair design

In celebration of quintessential German designer, Peter Ghyczy, Adam-Brussels Design Museum will be launching a retrospective solo exhibition titled 50 Years of Functionalism. The exhibition will feature  wall displays, video installations, and a full-scale recreation of Ghyczy’s workshop. Curated by Kunty Moureau, the show honours Ghycyz’s works spanning five decades of design innovation, ranging from furniture to industrial objects, which have significantly paved the way for 20th century design.

50 Years of Functionalism Exhibition

Peter Ghyczy's outdoor Garden Egg Chair design

Prominent design pieces such as the Garden Egg chair, which was created by Ghyczy in 1968, is one of the central pieces in the exhibition. It was designed to experiment with the new material, polyurethane, which was popularised in the 1970s. Ghyczy’s intention was to craft an effortless outdoor seat that would withstand any weather. As Arnaud Bozzini, exhibition director, states, “In this era of mass culture, leisure-oriented society and prosperity, the Garden Egg chair has found its spot and the museum is pleased to present an exhibition in its honour.”

50 Years of Functionalism Exhibition

Ghyczy's Red sofa and side table furniture design 

Alongside the Garden Egg Chair, Ghyczy designed several other illustrious furniture objects that have been crucial to the second half of the 20th century, including patented clamping technique for glass and metal.

Together with the many displays of furniture, the exhibition will include In Conversation With Ghyczy, an intimate talk with the artist where he will be reflecting on his renowned works. The launch of Alok b. Nandi’s new book titled Peter Ghyczy-Designing will also be presented at the exhibition.

The book is said to explore the design principles and philosophy that pervade Ghyczy’s imposing breadth of work. Nandi comments, “The book allows the reader to get a sense of the creative process of Ghyczy, a designer for whom the materiality of stuff matters. His works began in the architectural scopes to continue into design, from plastic to glass and metal. His sense of detailed and iterative design resulted in some iconic furniture, ranging from the famous Garden Egg chair to contemporary series providing an elegant ethos of sustainable interior space.”

50 Years of Functionalism Exhibition

Ghyczy's handmade furniture are made up of copper metals, brass, and leather 

To further highlight Ghyczy's works, the Kunstmuseen Krefeld in Germany will open its doors to the public for a show titled Idea to Form: Design & Craftsmanship on 18 May, focusing on contemporary design and craftsmanship. The display will include a room dedicated to the phenomenal works of Ghyczy, including the infamous Garden Egg Chair. Idea to Form will highlight the creative process of designers and their longstanding relationship with craftsmen.

The exhibition will run from 7 February till 11 March at the ADAM-Brussels Design Museum, Belgium, and from 18 May till 14 October at Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Germany.