This Global Brand Is Giving You Creative Freedom With Personalized Interior Solutions

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jul 24 2019 / 14:32 PM

BAZAAR Interiors sits down with GROHE to talk all things design and innovation for the home...

This Global Brand Is Giving You Creative Freedom With Personalized Interior Solutions
Courtesy of GROHE
A view of Grohe Sensia Arena shower toilet

Interior solutions brand GROHE reflects the epitome of design innovation. We spoke to President of the German brand, Renu Misra, to find out what it is that differentiates one living space from another and how the right bathroom and kitchen fittings can reflect individuality to suit personal style.

Why is it important for consumers to be the creators of their bathrooms?

Today, more than ever, product innovation and design depend on an empathetic understanding of trends as consumers are inclined to choose integrated solutions over single products.

The boundaries between the individual living areas are becoming more blurred. The bathroom opens up to the bedroom and is often part of the living room, becoming an important living space instead of purely a functional one. When designing their own living space, consumers pay much more attention to detail in the bathroom than ever before.

Filtered water systems by Grohe showcased at the 2019 Innovation Day at Rixos Dubai. Courtesy of Grohe

As a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions, GROHE is supporting consumers in becoming creators without having to deal with complexity. 

How is GROHE shaping the future of water in terms of design and innovation?

We are shaping the future of water, both analogue and digital, to give our customers and our consumers the building blocks they need to harness the power and the beauty of water as a tailored experience, wherever they enjoy water. 

How is colour used to express individuality and personality today?

With a perfect unity of harmoniously matched elements, the bathroom becomes a statement of style. Colours set individual accents that decisively influence the atmosphere of the room. 

 Granite Gray kitchen sink by Grohe. Courtesy of Grohe

What were the inspirations behind the new GROHE Colours Collection?

When choosing the colours, the designers at GROHE were inspired by global design trends that have been around for a long time. During their design fair visits, they have observed that home furnishings are driving the warm and dark black finishes year after year. It’s now an accepted colour and finish strategy. On this basis, they curated a colour concept that works with interiors that have established as a long-standing trend. 

Manual Bidet Seat by GROHE. Courtesy of Grohe

Why is the bathroom an important component of our home aesthetic?

Formerly a functional space that focused on personal hygiene, the bathroom has become more important as a tranquil retreat. It opens up and becomes a living space, turning bathroom products into furnishing items.

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