24 Hours With Dubai-based Fashion Designer Faiza Bouguessa

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Aug 4 2019 / 15:42 PM

What’s it like to be French-Algerian, Dubai-based fashion designer Faiza Bouguessa for a day? Here’s a look inside an ordinary day of the creative mind behind one of the Middle East’s chicest fashion brands

24 Hours With Dubai-based Fashion Designer Faiza Bouguessa
Courtesy of Bouguessa
Faiza Bouguessa in her Dubai office

6:30 AM I usually wake up around this time, jump out of bed and start my morning routine which involves meditating, stretching, some exercise and praying. This helps to start my day right. 7:30 AM I shower and get ready. I do my makeup in about 20 minutes and choose my outfit for the day starting from my shoes. 8:30 AM I have breakfast: two toasts, a cup of tea and some fruits while reading a book or checking Instagram.

Reviewing my goals is also an integral part of my morning routine: the goals for that day, for that week and for that month. 9:30 AM I head to the office and start by checking my emails, following up with the course of the day with my team including meetings and other elements needed to reach our monthly goals. 12:30 PM My mornings usually fly by quite fast and I try to finish as much as I can before lunch. Most days I eat my lunch at the office.

An inside view of the BOUGUESSA store in Dubai

Otherwise Life Café and Lighthouse are some of my favorite places for lunch meetings. 1:30 PM These days, afternoons are about the development of the new collection, researching concepts and going over fabric options as well as reviewing reports from previous seasons. I also try to spend some time with each member of my team to help resolve matters that may occur and  I overview the progress of their work.

4:00 PM I would usually have my last meeting or take a trip to my workshop in Business Bay to check the production status, discuss certain designs and make sure everything is running smoothly. 6:30 PM As I make my way to leave the office, I usually get stopped by some of the team members to clarify and discuss points. 7:00 PM Driving home, I listen to some relaxing jazz while enjoying the night lights of Downtown.

An inside view of the BOUGUESSA store in Dubai. Courtesy of ITP Images

7:30 PM I spend my evenings with my husband and my cat, Valentino, while watching TV shows. My weeks are usually quite hectic so I prefer to go out for dinner on weekends. My favorite restaurants are Ninive and BB Social Dining in DIFC. I also like to go for a walk in Downtown whenever the weather allows it. 9:00 PM I finish the day by cleansing with Bioderma Micellar Water, followed by a toner and moisturizer.

Currently, I’m using the Magic Night Cream by Charlotte Tilbury but I like to try different products to see what works for my skin. 10:00 PM I try to go to bed as early as possible and I usually browse Pinterest for travel inspiration and food recipes. After that, I set the alarm for the next day and switch the lights off, usually before 11PM. bouguessa.com

From the Summer 2019 issue of Harper's Bazaar Interiors

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