Why Turkish Airlines Is The Key To The Luxury Getaway Of Your Dreams

BY Kasia Truscott / Dec 21 2019 / 14:02 PM

Go above and beyond the boundaries of luxury travel with Turkey's sublime national carrier

Why Turkish Airlines Is The Key To The Luxury Getaway Of Your Dreams

When you’re booking the fabulous, luxury getaway of your dreams, you don’t just want it to start when you’re already miles away from home. You want it to start the second you step foot into the airport with your passport in hand; and that's where Turkish Airlines comes in.

Sit back and enjoy pre-flight comforts in the Business Class Lounge

Priding itself in the refined global carrier that flies to more countries around the world than any other airline, Turkish Airlines has become known and loved for providing an exceptional travel experience with its world-class travel lounges, immaculate service and premium in-flight comforts. Your journey into the world of beau-monde travel starts with the airline’s second-to-none Business Class Lounge, which - if you happen to be flying from Istanbul - includes a stunning exclusive art exhibition, specially curated by the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Immerse yourself in the richness of contemporary Turkish art pieces, and fuel your deepest wanderlust desires even before you’ve started sailing above the clouds.

Fairy tale sights on the shores of Bosphorous

Once on board, step right into the capable hands of a sophisticated, highly-trained cabin crew, there to cater to your every need. Elevated luxury is found in even the smallest of details, from the ultra-chic uniforms, created by esteemed Italian designer Ettore Bilotta, to the ambience of the soft red and orange lights that enhance the carrier’s interior, reminiscent of the iconic Turkish sunset.

But if you’re looking for an unparalleled luxury experience that takes travel to a brand-new high, then look no further than the Dreamliner fleet, which - as the name suggests - is the very stuff that travel dreams are made of. Featuring 30 exceptional, all-new business class seats, each individually lined with a suedette padding, you can sink into the unrivalled comfort and refinement with enhanced privacy panels, personally enclosed stowage space and complimentary Versace travel kits.

An unforgettable sunset over the Blue Mosque

Start your ascent into luxury off the right way, with an airline that exudes elegance and sophistication for an unforgettable in-flight experience like no other.

Visit turkishairlines.com to book.

From Harper's BAZAAR Arabia's December 2019 Issue

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