Dubai Airport Is Banning Single-Use Plastic From January 1st

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Dec 10 2019 / 17:20 PM

The world's busiest international airport is starting off the new decade with a powerful new resolution

From 1 January 2020, plastic cutlery, drinking straws, take-away food packaging and polythene bags will start to disappear from cafés, restaurants and shops at the world’s busiest international airport.

But with the UAE alone producing around 7 billion tonnes of plastic waste every year - it’s going to a hard challenge to fulful but, Dubai Airports fully intend to meet their self-imposed pledge by rolling out the ban with a phased approach.

Already changes are being made, with 29 metric tons of plastic bottles being recycled from the security check points so far this year (an average of 11,000 bottles per day)

Already 95% of Dubai Airports’partners have signed the pledge to stop using disposable plastic in their outlets.

Notable amongst them is Costa Coffee which has committed to replacing its plastic-lined cups with a 100% renewable, plant-based “smart” cup. The coffee giant sells over 2.6 million cups of coffee in Dubai’s airports a year – that alone has a great impact on change. This will be followed later next year by the introduction of a coffee cup lid made entirely from wood and paper fibre instead of single-use plastic.