It Just Snowed In Saudi Arabia

BY Milli Midwood / Apr 2 2019 / 18:18 PM

And the internet can’t deal

It Just Snowed In Saudi Arabia

Whilst the weather is heating up in the rest of the Middle East, Saudia Arabia just enjoyed a spring snowfall. On Sunday, clouds began forming over Jabal Al-Lawz in Tabuk Province and by the evening the mountain was covered in a white blanket.

Residents of Tabuk flocked to the mountain located in northwest Saudi Arabia, near the Jordanian border, and shared posts of the snow on their social media channels.

“The prettiest morning. The snow is coating the earth,” wrote a resident on Twitter.

He later described the scene as a “white almond canyon.”

The weather forecast predicts the rest of the day to be cloudy, with plenty of sun for the rest of the week, so unfortunately residents can expect the snow to melt and dry up soon.

This isn’t the first random bout snow the country has seen. In 2018 the Kingdom saw a six-house snowfall in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. It also snowed in August of last year.